Learn about the cost of tourism in Sri Lanka through this article, travel, and tourism are the most enjoyable activities that an individual can do in his life; experimenting with new activities, new foods, and shopping experience in different places, and housing in another country is what provides the most energy Positive and happiness.
Travel prices and related matters are the most important things that allow you to experience your new adventures in every country. That is why Arab travelers are interested in showing all costs related to the travel experience in Sri Lanka.

The cost of tourism in Sri Lanka

The cost of travel to any country is divided into several important material costs, namely the cost of the visa, the cost of the flight, accommodation, shopping, transportation, and the tourist program, in addition to the currency difference based on the currency of your country.

How much does it cost to travel to Sri Lanka for two people for 10 days

In this article, we provide the costs for traveling to Sri Lanka so that you can calculate the costs of travel for you and your family.

The cost of the visa to Sri Lanka

  • You can apply for the visa, print it and present it in the Passports section.
  • Then bring the passport, and pay for the visa that is paid through the “visa card” bank card and the price ranges from $ 35 to $ 45.
  • You can also go directly to the Sri Lanka embassy branch in your country, with the need to bring a passport and pay the visa price in the currency of your country.
  • The visa is received within a day or two from the date of payment.

The cost of a flight ticket to Sri Lanka

The price of an airline ticket ranges from $ 350 to $ 450.

The currency of Sri Lanka

The currency of Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee, which is equivalent to one US dollar, 176 Sri Lanka Rupee.

The cost of accommodation in Sri Lanka

It is better to set a tourist program that enables you to visit a different city every day, and it is better to book accommodations, whether hotels, or hospitality places, before going long enough through online booking sites.
The prices of hotels and the hospitality places there are distinguished by their cheap prices, as follows:
Hospitality prices
It ranges from $ 13 to $ 22.
One star hotel rates
It ranges from $ 23 to $ 27.
Prices for two-star hotels

It ranges from $ 30 to $ 65.
Three star hotel rates

It ranges from $ 66 to $ 80.
Four star hotel prices
It ranges from $ 85 to $ 105.
Five star hotel prices
It ranges from $ 110 to $ 170.

Transportation costs in Sri Lanka

Transportation prices in Sri Lanka ranges from 86 rupees to 370 rupees.

Shopping and tourism costs in Sri Lanka

Restaurant prices

Most inexpensive restaurant meals range from Rs 200 to Rs 450.
The average restaurant meal for two people ranges from 1500 rupees to 4000 rupees.

Grocery store prices

Prices for groceries from milk, cheese, fruit, vegetables, etc. range from 35 rupees to 4,000 rupees.

Clothes prices

The price of clothes and shoes ranges from 180 rupees to 750 rupees

Movie tickets prices

Cinema ticket prices in various cities of Sri Lanka range from Rs 500 to Rs 650.
This is in addition to the costs of other activities that are cheap.
This was all the information related to the costs of tourism in Sri Lanka in various cities, in addition to the prices of shopping, food, entertainment and accommodation.

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