What is the importance of tourism to Egypt?

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The importance of tourism in Egypt

The tourism sector in Egypt is considered one of the most important sectors that affect the declared economy, as the country attracts millions of tourists annually, and according to statistics in 2015, the tourism sector alone contributed approximately 11.4% of Egypt’s GDP, and generated 112.1 billion Egyptian pounds, which is equivalent to the amount $ 14,334,271,350. Also, the investment rate in the tourism sector reached 12.5% ​​of the total investments in the state, where 2,158,144,050 dollars were spent, and in the same year, tourists spent an amount of 57.5 billion Egyptian pounds, which is equivalent to 3,173,741,250 dollars during their stay in Egypt, which contributed 20.7% to the output The local sector of the state, and the tourism sector provides many job opportunities, providing 10.5% of the total number of employees, as the tourism sector created approximately 2,620,000 jobs.

tourism in Egypt

Egypt ranks second in the world in the list of countries experiencing rapid tourism growth, according to statistics in 2020, where the proportion of tourists increased by 51% in that year; and although Egypt is famous for history and ancient architecture, the country witnessed a significant decrease in the number of tourists in where there were 9 1. million tourists in 2015 and became 5.26 million in 2016 due to the country’s situation, then returned to witness the aforementioned rise in 2020.

Tourist places in Egypt

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is considered one of the best places for tourism in the country, as it is full of various tourist attractions such as: the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum and many others, and is also very popular because of its richness in the landmarks of civilizations, and also includes the pyramids of Giza, the southern city of Luxor, the Karnak Temple, And the valley of the mile, and the valley of the Kings.


The importance of tourism in Egypt

An article on the importance of tourism in Egypt


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