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The temple

The temple is known as the place designated for worship, and its name varies from one culture to another, and it is called the mosque or mosque in Islamic culture, while the church is called in the Christian culture, while the temple in the Hindu culture is called a bender, and there are many temples scattered in different parts of the world, and in this The article will introduce you to the largest temples in the world.

What is the largest temple in the world

Baalbek Temple

The Temple of Baalbek is located in northeastern Lebanon, and its construction has continued for nearly 200 years, during which Romen Emperors supervised it, and the Romens built in Baalbek three temples, namely: Bacchus, Venus, and Jupiter, and the last is considered the largest of these Romen temples ever, but only nothing remains of it 54 Corinthian columns.

Christ the Redeemer Temple

The Temple of Christ the Savior is located in the Russian capital, Moscow, and was built after the defeat of Napoleon, and it must be pointed out that large parts of it were blown up by order of Stalin, in order to make room for the Soviet Palace, after which the Russian Orthodox Church received permission to rebuild them and the new construction relied on Large area of ​​original design, but constructed with new building materials, and height of about 105 meters.

The Temple of Saint Sava

St. Sava Temple is considered the largest Orthodox Church in the world, and its construction began in 1985 AD, and it was called the cathedral due to its large size, as it is about 91 meters long, about 81 meters wide, and about 70 meters high, and the ground floor area reached about 3,500 meters.

Tikal Temple

Tikal Temple is located in Guatemala, where this temple contains six very large pyramids; the Temple of the Pyramid IV is the largest metal pyramid in it, with a height of about 72 meters.

Akshardham temple

This temple is located in India, it was built in 2005 AD, the height of this temple is about 43 meters, and its width is about 96 meters, while its length has reached about 110 meters, and it must be noted that many materials were used in the construction of the most important of them: Pink sandstone, marble.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is located on the Indonesian island of Genoa, about 40 km west of Yogyakarta, and this temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world, and its construction lasted about 75 years, with about 2 million stone blocks, and the temple consists of three groups: base, head, and body And its height is about 35 meters above the ground level.

Karnak Temple

The Karnak Temple is considered the largest ancient temple in the world, and it must be noted that the Karnak Temple consists of many monuments, the most important of which are: The Great Column Hall with an area of ​​about 5,000 meters, while its height is about 24 meters.

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