The highest peak in the world

The highest summit of the region is the world (Mount Everest), and a height for the surface of the sea, 9 km, and the height for the surface of the Earth has reached (29 028 ft), the highest peak was measured at 8848 m in the Himalayas, which is one of the mountains that make up Everest, a series of The mountains are known as the Himalayan mountain ranges, and they are called Mount Everest for the scientist who made his discovery (Sir George Everest) in 1856 AD.

Where is Mount Everest located?

Mount Everest is located on the borders of China and Nepal, between two regions, the Tibet region in China and the Sjarmata region in Nepal. The mountain is about 160 km northeast of the city of Kathmandu, 260 km southwest of the city of Calcutta and 450 km northwest of Calcutta and 450 km northwest .

Mount Everest climbers

The Mount Everest dream that dream of every amateur mountain climber to reach the peak, because of the risk of significant risk to climbers, and this is the risk of making serious desire when climbers to break records, and enter into a Jinnits global group, and these Mahtman first numbers:

  • The first American mission was launched in 1963 AD to climb the mountains of Everest, and only two succeeded in reaching the summit of Everest, which are Thomas Hornbain, William Vinswald, and they succeeded in climbing the mountain from the western side, and this is the same.
  • Dougal Haston and Doug Skone managed to climb Mount Everest from the southwest, and they were the first to achieve this direction, and that was on May 10, 1980 AD.
  • The first Japanese mountaineering expedition started, and two succeeded in reaching from the northern side: Takashi Ozaki and Tsunyu Shigehiro; they are the first to achieve this direction.
  • And there are many who succeeded in climbing mountains and breaking records by reaching the summit of Everest for their country.

Causes of the danger of climbing Everest Mountains

There are a lot of people who died when they climbed Mount Everest, and this is due to several main reasons, the most important of which are:

  • When the climbers descend there is an area known as the death zone, and rises 8000 m, which is a very dangerous area and needs great caution when climbing.
  • Symptoms of cerebral edema and pulmonary edema occur at high altitudes.
  • Some catastrophic factors occur on the mountain, such as snowfall, and the risk of falling from the heights.
  • Hypothermia due to the conditions surrounding hypothermia, and safety conditions not being applied properly.

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