Know in detail the location of Zarqa Village and its features, as Zarqa Village is one of the villages located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Zarqa city is located in the city of Al-Baha, which is located in the southeastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This inhabits the village of Zarqa, by tightening the Zai, settling behind, and inhabiting Qaf, a tribe called the Bani Abdullah tribe. The village of Zarqa is also the first village to be met by those heading north from the center of the country. To you, more details about Arab travelers.

Zarqa Village, Al-Bahah site

• Al-Baha region is one of the thirteen administrative regions that make up the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Al-Baha region is located on the Hijaz Mountains in the southwestern region of the Arabian Peninsula. The Al-Baha region was established and approved as an administrative region in the year 1383 AH in the month of Dhu Al-Hijjah specifically.
The administrative capital of the Al-Baha region is the city of Al-Baha and it is one of the villages that follow the north of Gamd. The city of Al-Baha is the beacon for Al-Baha region, as it focuses on trade and all the administrative authorities and the emirate of the region. The city of Al-Baha is also considered the basis for establishing tourism in southern Saudi Arabia.
As for the attractions of Al-Baha city, it contains many tourist areas and commercial centers. There are also government departments in Al-Baha city. The city of Al-Baha is characterized by the presence of a large number of popular markets such as Saturday market, Monday market and Thursday market.

The location of the city of Al-Baha and the reason for its name

• Al-Baha city is located in the Al-Baha region in the southeast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mecca is located on the northern and western borders of Al-Baha. The city of Al-Baha is also bordered to the south and east to the Asir region at the location of 41/42 east of the Greenwich Line and between the 20/20 latitude north of the equator.
As for the tribal borders, it is bounded on the north by the Al-Baqum tribe, the Bani Al-Harith tribe, and the Bani Malik tribe. It is also bounded on the west by the Kinana tribe, and on the south by the Balkarn tribe, and on the east by the Khatham tribe. The city of Al-Baha was named by this name to denote the middle of the thing or denote height and mastery in the place. The city of Al-Baha is one of the largest villages that follow Bani Abdullah and that follows the Qiblah Qambah.

Population of Zarqa village in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Zarqa is considered one of the villages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is characterized by its small population. The population of the Zarqa village, located in the city of Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia, one thousand two hundred people. A large number of this number visit other regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for study or work.
• The Zarqa village is also divided into eleven neighborhoods, namely Al-Qaroun, Suhail, Qarn Jaradah, Al-Bayyashia, and Al-Dawahia. Also among the neighborhoods of Zarqa village are the Beit Al-Safa neighborhood, the Valley Square neighborhood, the Al-Hanadasa Square neighborhood, the Square of the Al-Awaif neighborhood, the Qurait neighborhood, and the Dove Square neighborhood.

Famous village of Zarqa

1. Hazza bin Eid bin Mubarak

He was called in the name of Hilal, and he was called by this title as a result of his frequent travel from Al Baha to Taif using camels, so he always traveled at the beginning of the month when the moon was a crescent, so he was called Hilal. This was due to his extreme distinction and his knowledge of his way, so that he does not wait for the middle of the month to make the moon full like other travelers. Hazza bin Eid was the first postman in the south of the Hijaz, who had died in 1960 AD. He has a number of children, including Saeed, who is the first notary in Al-Baha. He also has a son named Eid, a teacher and a cleric who died from 1990 to 1995.

2. Abdullah bin Saleh

And who was best known in the name of Al-Zarqawi, Abdullah bin Saleh was a poet and had a large number of poems, but only a few of them were published. Al-Zarqawi was one of the most prominent poets in the Al-Baha region. Al-Zarqawi died in 1970 AD.

3. The judge helped the jurist

He was born in 1285 AH and 1868 AD in the village of Zarqa. The judge, who assisted the jurist, traveled to Yemen, desiring to seek knowledge, and he was a student of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman bin Hassan Al-Ahdal after studying Shafi’i school in Yemen in the city of Al-Marawaa. The judge, aided al-Faqih, returned to Zarqa after twelve years after obtaining a doctrinal leave from the Sheikh who was taught by Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman bin Hassan Al-Ahdal. This was at the beginning of the month of Safar in the year 1319 AH. Then he taught the people of his village after he returned to them by calling to God Almighty and teaching Islamic fatwas at the times of the weekly markets. The judge also worked as an assistant to the jurist in front of Al Dhafir Mosque and established a book in the mosque. He was offered the position of judge, but he did not agree, so they consulted him about marital disputes and inheritance problems. He died on the 12th of Ramadan in the year 1375 AH and 1956 AD at the age of eighty-eight years.

Video of the blue village of Saudi Arabia Al Bahah


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