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Some of the specialized agencies in the global tourism sector issue a periodic report specifying the best tourist countries in the world, depending on the number of tourists that each country attracts annually, and accordingly Italy (Italy: English) ranked third among the tourist countries in Europe, and the fifth in the world Where about 47,700,000 visitors visited, and only 60,700,000 visitors are in agreement with the major European countries in terms of tourism, and France is the first tourist country in Europe, and in the whole world, which has a number of 84,700,000 visitors Approx.

Tourism in Italy

Italy is considered one of the most ancient countries in the world, as tourism began in the sixteenth century, and is still one of the most attractive countries in Europe, and indeed the whole world is attractive to tourists. In general, which makes it an ideal destination for tourism throughout the year, even though its visit is preferred in the spring or autumn months, because the weather during it is at its best.

The most prominent tourist cities in Italy

In Italy, there are many historical cities that attract the attention of tourists, and each has its own character, and its tourist attractions that attract visitors from all over the world, and the most prominent of them are:

  • Rome (English: Rome): The italyn capital contains many historical monuments, the most important of which are: the Colosseum, the Renaissance palaces, as well as the Church of St. Peter, as well as many ancient museums, and picturesque fountains.
  • Venice (English: Venice): This city is located in the northeast of Italy, and it is considered a unique city in the world, as it is a city built on water, and it is a wonderful tourist destination that visitors can enjoy many tours in its water channels, visit St. Mark’s Square and St. Mark’s Church, among others.
  • Florence (English: Florence): It is one of the most important architectural and artistic Renaissance centers in Italy, and it has many historical monuments, such as: Baptistery, and distinctive art museums, palaces, and gardens, such as the Medici Garden. It is worth noting that the city of Florence is usually crowded with tourists.

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