Where are Comoros located and how to travel to Comoros

المسافرون العرب

Where are Comoros located? A question that comes to the minds of many travel and nature lovers. Before we answer this question in the following article, let us introduce you a little more about this wonderful country.
The Comoros archipelago is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world, as it contains almost all natural beauty ingredients among the rainy gardens, dazzling beaches, wonderful mountains, waterfalls and green spaces that cover the heights in a wonderful view.
This is in addition to the cultural heritage of the Comoros, all of these geographical and cultural features made it seize the benefits of tourists and be the first destination for visiting the most prominent places of tourism in Comoros such as Mayotte, West Comoros, Anjouan Island.
Now we will answer the question of the Comoros, where is it and how many distances are between its most important cities. We will know where the Comoros is on the map in detail in the following lines.

Where are Comoros located and how to travel to Comoros - Where are Comoros located and how to travel to Comoros

Best Comoros hotels

Besides the natural and archeological constituents of the Comoros that tell its ancient history, it includes a luxurious group of hotels and resorts that provide visitors with comfort during their tourist tours, and you can learn about the list of the best hotels in Comoros with the assessments of previous Arab visitors through the following tab .. Read More

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How to travel to Comoros

The Comoros country allows entry to it without obtaining a visa for all citizens of the countries of the world and without any other requirements. You can also request the visa for the country upon your arrival at the airport, and all you have to do is carry your passport to be valid for six months, while the cost of travel It is affordable for everyone, especially for those with low budget.

Where are the Comoros located?

We will know where the Comoros is located on the map in detail after knowing its location among the countries of the world. The Comoros is one of the Arab countries that are located in the Indian Ocean near the east coast of Africa, located at the end of the Mozambique Channel in the north, and is the third smallest African country in terms of area .
Below is a map showing exactly where the Comoros country is located.

How far is Moroni from Mitsamiole

The distance from the capital, Moroni to Mitsamiouli, is 40.4 kilometers, equivalent to about 55 minutes, by driving along the fastest route shown to you on the attached map.

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Where is Mirontsy located from Mutsamudu?

The distance between Meruntsi and Mutsamudu is about 2.8 kilometers, which is only about eight minutes. Driving using your own car. You can see the attached map below to know the distance between them in detail.

Where is Mirontzi from Dumonti

Duration is calculated in kilometers between Mirontzi and Dumonti by about 31.0 km, i.e. 53 travel by driving across the path shown on the following Google Map.

Where is Vanambeni from Dembini located?

According to Google Ratings, the distance between them in kilometers is about 44.1 km, meaning that you can travel the distance by car to reach within an hour and seventeen minutes only, via the fastest path shown to you in the map below.

Where is Moroni located from Dembini?

The distance is calculated according to Google Maps between the cities of Moroni and Dembini by about 31.0 km, which is approximately 55 minutes, traveling by driving through the path shown to you on the attached map.

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After we got to know where the Comoros is located on the map and how much distance is between each city and another and the available means of transportation, you can enjoy visiting the most important places of tourism and spend a fun time between the arms of charming nature, and to know more about the most important sights in the Comoros you can visit the next tab .. Read more
Any inquiry regarding where the Comoros is located, you can leave the question in the comments box, and we will answer it within the shortest possible time.

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