Atlas forests

Atlas forests are a group of mountain ranges located in the continent of Africa, in the countries of the Arab Maghreb, extending for great distances up to about 1200 km, where they appear in the geographical terrain, and the wildlife is diversified from animals and plants, and economic wealth, and in this article we will know more about you.

Atlas forest site

Atlas forests are located in the countries of Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria, as their area begins from the port of Agadir in Morocco, and extends to the Tunisian capital, knowing that it is bordered on the north by the Mediterranean, to the south by the Sahara Desert, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, it must be noted that these In addition to the mountain ranges, forests include many valleys, plateaus, and plains, bearing in mind that the second highest peak in the continent of Africa lies in this mountain range, and is known as the Topal Summit, with a height of about 4.167 km above sea level.

Geographical division of the Atlas Forest

  • High Atlas Mountains, Little Atlas, and Middle Atlas in Morocco.
  • The desert atlas in Algeria.
  • The Aures Mountains, and the Atlas Atlas between Algeria and Tunisia.

Residents of the Atlas Forest

The majority of the inhabitants of the Atlas forests are Arab and Berber Muslims, where he lives in the Maghreb region and the Muslims who are Berbers, while in the Tunis region, Arab Muslims live, bearing in mind that these residents live in valleys and plains, since mountainous areas are harsh to them, and with difficult environmental conditions, which makes them It is somewhat devoid of the population, so most of the population works either in sheep grazing or in agriculture, where those working in sheep grazing live in mobile tents in order to adapt to the nature of their work, while those working in agriculture live in houses near their agricultural lands, it must be noted Until that ill-informed language This is in the Atlas Forest areas, it is the Amazigh language, because the majority of the inhabitants of these areas are Berbers, and the people of some of its regions speak Arabic.

Atlas forest plants and animals

  • the plants: There are many types of plants in the forests of the atlas, such as: herbs such as wormwood, mint, basil, shrubs such as Sidr, lily, oleander, chrysanthemum, garland, and trees such as pine trees, juniper, rice, olives, and almonds, but these plants are at risk of human use, Some of them cut down unfair bits, and this makes them threatened with extinction, and trees that are threatened with extinction include Algerian oak trees, and European black pine.
  • the animals: There are many types of animals in the forests of the atlas, such as tigers, deer, lions, and hyenas, in addition to multiple types of birds, but these animals are at risk of extinction due to human mishandling, such as the barbarian tiger, macaque, the barbarian lion, and the caviar deer .

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