Cleopatra Obelisk

If someone were to visit the heart of London, he would be surprised by the presence of an ancient Egyptian obelisks, and this obelisk is called the Cleopatra obelisk, which was built in the era of the Pharaonic king Thomas III 1460 BC, that is 3500 years ago, where it was transferred from the royal city of Cleopatra – the city of Alexandria, and it was The main goal of moving this obelisk from Egypt to London was the British government’s will to give a symbol of their great victory over the French army led by Napoleon Bonaparte, during a 63-year war, and it was transferred in 1878, which cost 15,000 pounds.
It is said that three ancient Egyptian obelisks share the same name as “Cleopatra Obelisk”, one in New York, the second in London, and the third in Paris, and each of them was taken from an Egyptian site different from the other.

Obelisk shape design

The obelisk design takes the form of a tapered column that is carved from one rocky piece, and it is usually red granite obtained from the quarries of Aswan city. Its design comes in the form of a rectangular or square base with a width greater than the width of the pyramid’s head, where it was covered The head of the obelisk is a mixture called electrum mixed with gold and silver, and it is worth noting that the four sides of the obelisk ribs were decorated with hieroglyphic writings stating religious writings and celebrations of the leaders ’memory, and usually a pair of obelisks were designed together to be placed at the entrances to the Egyptian temples.

The importance of obelisk

The importance of the obelisk is considered to be symbolic importance for the ancient Egyptians, taking the form of the sacred Benben stone and being tapered to represent the hills upon which the god Atom sat when he created the world, in addition to its connection with the Pino bird which symbolizes the ancestors of the Egyptians who are symbolized by the legendary Phoenician bird, according to Egyptian myths, the Pino bird is the first A creature who lived on earth.

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