Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the most prominent attractions in London, which is the headquarters and the official office of the British Monarch. The Queen’s Gallery includes some of the most prominent and most valuable works of art in the world, including Rubens and Rembrandt paintings, and the Queen’s Guards can be seen Also, there are many other palaces in London, such as: Hampton Court Palace, which is linked to King Henry VIII, and many artworks dating back to the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries can be seen in the palace.


London contains a large number of museums, including Tate Modern, which is considered the most attractive museum for visitors in the world, with more than 4.7 million visitors annually, and the Natural History Museum; which provides a look at Darwin’s ideas, and other scientific developments, and there is also the Madame Tussauds Museum. , Which contains wax statues of world famous leaders, athletes, and movie stars. You can also visit the Victoria and Albert Museum to see art collections from Asia, the Renaissance in Europe, and the Science Museum on Exposition Street to see a group of scientific wonders, and provides the Royal Observatory of the National Maritime Museum Flee Of travel to the center of the globe.

London Eye

The London Eye wheel has a height of 135 meters, which makes it one of the longest observing wheels in the world. The wheel contains 32 capsules, which carry about 10,000 visitors daily, and the London Eye has become one of the most famous visitor attractions in Britain, where more than 3.5 million people visit it annually, It enables to see up to 40 km in all directions from each capsule.

Westminster Palace

Westminster Palace is located just a short distance from Whitehall from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square, and the Parliament of the United Kingdom is one of the oldest representative societies in the world. The House of Representatives is located in Westminster Palace, which is the royal palace and former headquarters of the Kings, and Edward the Confessor was the owner of the original palace Built in the eleventh century, the palace layout is complicated, with its buildings containing around 1,200 rooms, 100 stairs, and walkways over 3 km long, and Westminster Hall is used today for major public festive events.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge in London overlooks great places in London, and the Tower Bridge Gallery provides an overview of the history and architecture of this distinctive Victorian bridge, and the glass floors were installed in the high corridors of the tower, which made it more beautiful, and the Tower Bridge is raised more than 1000 times a year to allow ships Long, cruise ships, and other large buses pass.

Cheese video is “grand prize”

What is the British game that “cheese” is the biggest prize? Some British traditions seem to hide many wonders! :

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