Since ancient times, kings and princes have mastered building their palaces and their places of residence to become later historical relics attesting to the life of luxury and luxury that these kings lived in the era of their rule, and one of the most famous palaces that still exist to this day is the “Abdin Palace”, so where is this palace located? Who is the king who ordered its construction? This is what we will answer in our article.

Abdeen Palace

Abdeen Palace is one of the most famous palaces of the royal Egypt, and it witnessed many of the events witnessed by the Republic of Egypt since the royal era in it and until the birth of the modern city of Cairo, and this palace is an archaeological monument and a rare masterpiece, it reflects only the manifestations of luxury, and the extreme luxury that he lived Kings of Egypt in his time. This palace was built in the rule of “Muhammad Ali Pasha” and it was also the seat of the rule, and that since the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy two until the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty two in the establishment of the July Revolution.

Khedive Ismail ordered the construction of this palace since he came to power, in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three A.D. and he was named after Abdin Bey, a military leader who owned the place of the palace during the reign of Muhammad Ali, and Khedive Ismail bought it from his family after his death, and annexed the small palace lands To other lands, he established his well-known palace, which is considered the beginning of the construction of the New Cairo City, where he also ordered the planning of this city to be a city of luxurious palaces, wide streets, large gardens, and bridges, in a manner befitting the location of his palace, after which Khedive Tawfiq lived, then Abbas My second dream, followed by Sultan Hussain Ka Bored, and King Fouad also, then King Farouk, until the Presidents of the Republic of Egypt lived there, such as Muhammad Naguib, and others to this day.

This palace contains many halls and salons, all of which are painted in white, red, and green, and it is the place to receive foreign delegations. Also, this palace contains a giant library that includes between its shelves more than fifty-five thousand books, and there is also a large theater in which there are hundreds Chairs, isolated places for women and senior guests, and there is what is known as the Belgian Pavilion, which is considered special for the important guests of Egypt, and it was named this name because the Belgian King was the first to reside in it.

There is also a wonderful historical museum in the palace, rich in many artifacts and antiquities, and the museum includes in its first section a weapons museum, while in its second section it contains a private museum belonging to the family of “Muhammad Ali Pasha”, including silver and crystal utensils, tools, rare antiques, and others . All museums are connected to the palace garden.

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