Birmingham is the second largest tourist city in England, because of its attractions and great leisure activities, if you prefer to learn about history and civilizations besides enjoying the charming nature, you must travel to Birmingham, but first you need to know where is Birmingham?
Chocolate City This is called the largest chocolate factory, which is the famous Cadbury, which has become a tourist attraction in the city, in addition to the wonderful Black Country Museum and other places of tourism in Birmingham that are worth a visit.

Where is Birmingham?

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Birmingham includes a large chain of the best luxury hotels in Britain, in which all services and leisure activities are available, so we will get to know a sophisticated group of hotels and resorts in Birmingham through the following report .. Read more

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Where is Birmingham?

Birmingham is located between the capital of London and the city of Manchester, with an area of ​​267.8 km, and has a population of about 1.101 million people. Learn the exact location of Birmingham through the following map.

Where is Birmingham from London located?

Birmingham is located 126 miles from London, and can be traveled within two hours and 24 minutes using your own car. There are other means of transportation, including public transport, which when independence will arrive in an hour and 21 minutes.

Where is Birmingham from Oxford located

Oxford is one of the cities near Birmingham, which is 77.8 miles away. You can travel by car within a maximum of one hour and 30 minutes, via the fastest normal traffic route, as shown on the map.

How far is Birmingham from Manchester

It is possible to travel to Manchester from Birmingham in just an hour, six and 54 minutes by car. The mileage is estimated at 86.6 miles, according to Google’s estimates. You can also use public transport to arrive in an hour and 28 minutes.

Where is Birmingham from Liverpool located

The distance between the two cities is estimated at miles about 101 miles, and can be traveled within two hours and 28 minutes by car, and public transportation can also be taken to reach them within an hour and 46 minutes, and in the map below it shows the fastest path that you can use.

Where is Birmingham from Brighton located?

The distance between the two cities is estimated at miles around 176 miles, when you consider traveling by car your car will arrive in 3 hours 17 minutes.

Where is Birmingham from Luton located?

The distance between Birmingham and Luton is about 85.6 miles, when you travel by car it will take approximately two hours by fastest route, and it is also possible to travel by public transport within two and 20 minutes.

After you know where is Birmingham? How far is the distance between them and other tourist cities in England, you only have to travel and enjoy visiting the sights of the wonderful city, which includes the National Center for Marine Life and the wonderful boat city, and do not forget to visit the most popular Canon Hill Park there. Through the following article .. Read more

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