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Dubailand (English: Dubailand) is a huge investment project in the city of Dubai, which is managed by the Dubai Development and Investment Authority. Dubailand is planned to be constructed on a vast area of ​​279 million square meters, at an estimated cost of 3 billion UAE dirhams (814 million US dollars), to help preserve the city of Dubai as the most important tourist destination in the Middle East. Dubailand is a place that welcomes visitors From all over the world, regardless of their races, businesses, and even ages. With an area equal to twice the size of the famous Walt Disney World Resort in the United States of America, specifically in Orlando – Florida, which is the largest recreational gathering in the world. , Dubailand will be able to include 45 projects Huge amount, over 200 medium and small projects. Dubailand has also been divided into 6 different Themes regions; each of them is referred to as a separate world in itself.

Create a Dubailand

The Dubailand project was announced on October 23, 2020 by Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to begin work on building the project approximately two years later. Dubailand has been planned to be built in several phases. From 2005 to 2010, Dubailand’s infrastructure and road and transport network was created, to be followed by a second stage of completion in 2020, where entertainment projects and tourist sites will take place.

Dubailand regions

Dubailand area is divided into the following areas:

  • Retail & Entertainment World: This region extends over an area of ​​more than 4 million square meters to form an integrated world vibrant and energy, and represents a destination that the family intends to enjoy the most creative and innovative shopping methods, as it is an area with a distinctive and attractive environment. Among the most important projects in this region:
    • Flea Market
    • World Trade Park
    • Auction World
    • Dubai Outlet
  • Themed Leisure and Vacation World: This region occupies an area of ​​approximately 29 million square meters occupied by hotels and tourist resorts, which constitute an attractive destination for tourists and visitors from all over the world. The way in which this region – full of entertainment and comfort – adjoins the desert is a paradox closer to the imagination than reality, and represents a metaphorical haven filled with fountains, water channels, lakes and gardens, despite its presence on the edge of the desert. Among the most important projects in this region:
    • Women’s World
    • Destination Dubai
    • Desert Kingdom
    • Andalusian Resort & Spa
  • Eco Tourism World: This region is located on an area that extends to nearly 75 million square meters, forming a kind of desert reserve not only for the animals that Dubai is its original homeland, but also for the historical heritage that the city holds in all its forms. The region also offers an opportunity to live the safari experience by setting up camps in its areas, giving visitors an opportunity to know the meaning of living in the desert, but in a touristy and attractive way. Among the most important projects in this region:
    • Desert Safari
    • Sand Dune Hotels
    • Desert Camps
    • Dubai Heritage Vision
  • Sports and Outdoor World: The area extends over an area of ​​more than 19 million square meters, represented in a wide horizon, which is a breather for those who love sports and adventure. This space came to meet the growing desire of people in the region and the world alike to undertake such activities. The area, with its vast area, is able to accommodate new buildings that are able to host international sporting activities and competitions. Among the most important projects in this region:
    • Polo Club
    • Dubai Sports City
    • Emirates Sports World (in English: Emarat Sports World)
    • Equestrian farmhouse (Plantation Equestrian)
    • Dubai Golf City
  • Downtown: It is the region that plays the role of the gate to Dubailand, and it is located on an area of ​​more than half a million square meters. The area represents a gathering of offices of investment and business companies, as well as the administrative heart of Dubailand. The downtown area, with its distinctive view overlooking the other areas, represents the heart of Dubailand, and gives the visitor a sense of the spirit of the region through the bridges, gates and towers that spread there. Among the most important projects in this region:
    • Mall of Arabia
    • City Walk
    • Virtual Game World

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