The city of Dubai

Dubai is characterized by its very hot desert climate on summer days, with an average average temperature of 40 ° C in the day and 30 ° C at night with strong winds blowing, while winter in Dubai is characterized by a warm climate, where the average temperatures in winter 24 ° C During the day and 14 ° C during the night, and despite the atmosphere of Dubai, which is very hot in summer, it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the Arab world, which attracts tourists from all countries of the world in all months of the year.

The civilizational, economic, social and touristic development that Dubai experienced in the previous century contributed to transforming the city into the most prestigious and most attractive city in the world for businessmen from all parts of the world, as Dubai has become the golden opportunity for businessmen to open huge projects that accrue them with imaginary profits.

Atlantis Hotel project in Dubai

Location and establishment of the hotel

Atlantis Hotel is located in the Palm Dubai on the Palm Jumeirah, and extends a vast distance of 46 hectares, while its private beach is 4.1 km.
The idea of ​​establishing a hotel in the form of a huge tourist complex in the emirate of Dubai was presented by South African businessman Sol Cairns, and its cost was estimated at $ 1.200 million. The hotel takes the form of two opposite towers connected by each other by a bridge that extends between its summit. The hotel consists of 1,539 rooms that include many The wings are huge and very expensive. The most luxurious wings are located on the bridge between the two towers, and the cost per night is 25 thousand dollars.

Hotel facilities

The hotel was built in a style that simulates the legendary Atlantis continent, which is submerged in water, as it contains corridors and glass trenches under the water that expose guests to the debris and artificial structures of the submerged continent. Huge capacity for 5 thousand people, and a health club consisting of 25 health treatment rooms. The hotel features missing rooms for guests that contain 21 of its own marine basins, which made the hotel classified as the most luxurious and luxurious hotels in the world as it is the first hotel in the world to receive an 8-star rating. M, as the water includes the hotel’s 65 thousand species of marine organisms, and takes care of by a specialist team of more than 100 individuals, among marine biologists and veterinarians and cooks.

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