It was a family trip to Luxor and Aswan in 7 days and it was not affiliated with a tourism company or a predetermined program. It was a free trip and was in a Daewoo Lanos car
Where the journey started from Friday at 10 am
I took the regional road, then on the path to Al-Karimat, which is Upper Egypt or what is known as the Army Road
Beni Suef arrived and took us anchored for an hour and then returned again to the Army Road at the official top speed of 120 km until we reached Assiut and took us anchored for an hour
We also found some cafeterias on the left and right after the Assiut cartridge for Sohag
Signal lift helps to continue the road without assistance

I arrived in Luxor at 10 at night, taking about 12 hours
The actual distance covered was 912 kilometers from the door of the house to the hotel door
When Luxor arrived, we searched for a hotel or apartment to stay in
After searching and viewing more than one hotel, I concluded that the hotels in Luxor are divided into four levels:
1 – The popular level. The price of the room was 2 beds, from 35 to 70 c. It would be a room with 2 beds + 2 chairs + wardrobe + ceiling fan
2 – The average level and its price ranges between 90 to 150 g and in it all the basics of hotel service are room 2 beds + 2 chairs + wardrobe + air conditioning + mini bar + 2 comodino + table + telephone room service + TV with central shower or multi-channel shower compass
3 – The level above the average, and its price ranges from 180 to 300 c, and the hotel service is provided in the best way, and it is half board or full board, which is classified as 3 or 4 stars hotels
4 – The fourth level, which remains the global hotels
For the shortest places worth visiting:
1 – Luxor Temple is located in the center of the country in the eastern mainland in Abu Al-Hajjaj Square. It operates from 7 am to 8 or 9 pm and the entry ticket price is 3c.

2 – The Karnak Temple is located about 3 km from Luxor Temple and works for the first two periods from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon and the second in which the sound and light shows will take place from 7 to 10 pm and display of the Arabic language
On Thursday, the sound and light ticket for Egyptians will be 20 EGP and the regular ticket will be 4 EGP per day

3 – Wadi Mummification Museum 500 meters from Luxor Temple (Abu Al-Hajjaj Square) on the Nile Corniche and works from 9 am to 1 pm and the ticket price is 4 c

4 – Luxor Museum is about a kilo from the Luxor Temple (Abu Al-Hajjaj Square) on the Nile Corniche and works from 9 am to 1 pm and the ticket price is 10 c

The temple is located in the center of the country, meaning you do not need transportation and an entry ticket, as I remember, it was 3c and dates from 8 am to 9 pm

Then we entered the second courtyard of Ramses

Abu Al-Hajjaj Mosque

Then we entered the lobby of the columns, which is a rectangular hall with two rows of columns, and in each row there are seven huge columns, the height of one column is 18 meters, which equals 5 floors.

And then we enter the courtyard of Amenhotep the following, which is a huge courtyard surrounded by columns from 3 sides and their number is 64 columns
Then we entered the Holy of Holies
Then we moved to the western mainland and that is by river crossings that are available in the Nile between the eastern mainland and the western mainland, or the road to it from the city center. About 8 or 10 kilos
The ticket price is 2 pounds for the monastery itself, and you cut a ticket for 2 pounds for kindness, which will take you to the temple

The temple itself was called the Deir el-Bahari because there was a part of the rundown in which the Christians built a monastery on the name of the monastery of Phoebe Amun and it was used as a monastery for worship for a long time until some archaeologists came at the beginning of the last century and removed the monastery in their frantic search for the Pharaonic monuments and its hour and the Hatshepsut Temple famous for the marine monastery
On the walls of the second floor of the temple you will see drawings showing the achievements of Queen Hatshepsut and her external travels
Then we reached at the end of it on the third floor of the Holy of Holies or the Forbidden Room in which there was the worship of the god Amun, and when he reached it, she would see the mountain standing upright
We finished from the Hatshepsut Temple or the monastery, and we went to the Valley of the Queens, which is close to Hatshepsut, the distance between them is about a kilo or two
The official number of cemeteries in the valley is 44, but it is open to the public, there are 3 graves, and the ticket price is 2 EGP.
The only advantage was that the tombs of the Valley of the Queens were full of color and bright, but not as deep as some of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings

And soon we were finished with Luxor and heading to Aswan
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