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Istanbul is one of the Turkish cities, and the strange thing is that it is found on two continents, namely European and Asian, and its population reaches nearly 14 million people, and this beautiful city bore many names such as Constantinople, Astana, Byzantium, and Istanbul, and it held many titles such as the city of the Seven Hills, and the city Minarets, New Rome, and this city was founded in 660 BC.

Where is the brick Qabi Palace?

The Topkapi Palace is considered the largest palace in the Turkish city of Istanbul, specifically in the Sultanahmet area, and this palace was a center where the Ottoman Sultans resided for a period of 391 years starting from 1465 AD until 1856 AD, and about 4000 people lived in it, and the palace was built in In 1478 A.D., by order of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, he was also the center of the administration of the affairs of the Ottoman Empire for a period of up to 380 years, and that was before Sultan Abdul Majid built a new palace known as Dolmah Baghjah.

The area of ​​the palace reaches 700,000 square meters, the building area is 80,000 square meters, and despite the conversion of the place of the State Palace, Qabi has remained in place and importance over time and until this day, as the Sultan and his family lived in this palace month in the year, which is the blessed month of Ramadan.

The palace was opened as a museum for the first time in its history, during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majid.

And Sultan Abdul-Aziz put these holdings inside glass showcases to display them in a new style and shape, and it is believed that Sultan Abdul-Hamid wanted to make the palace a place for public visits of various groups for a period of five days per week, except that he was removed from the throne at that time, and until the Sultan came Mustafa Kemal Ataturk opened public visits to various segments on April 3, 1924 AD, and at that time the palace was affiliated with the Directorate of the Museums of the Old Palace, and now it is known as the Directorate of Toubes Qabi Saray Museums.

There are many wings in the palace, such as the Sultan’s wing of the Covenant, a wing for the king’s mother and her maids, a court in which the Sultan meets his ministers, and multiple wings for the neighborhood; each maid has its own wing, the museum wing, a wing for soldiers, guards, and servants, and the palace is considered a place of character Religious and sacred, a group of sacred trusts have been found that have been transported to Medina.

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