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It is one of the Moroccan cities located to the north of Morocco, specifically on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and Tangier enjoys a strategic location, because it is the geographical point through which the White Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean on the one hand, and the European and African continents on the other hand, and the population of the city is about 947,952 people According to a statistic in the year 2014 AD, as for its area, it is 124 km², and Tangier is one of the most important commercial and industrial centers in North Africa, and tourism is very active in it, and in this article we will learn about tourism in the city of Tangier.

Tourism in Tangier

Tangier has a picturesque nature, whether on the level of green areas, or on the level of its magnificent sea views, as it has beaches from the western and northern sides about sixteen kilometers long, including what overlooks the Gulf of Tangier, as well as the ancient city overlooking the White Sea, where it appears The ancient ancient towers and doors, and it is mentioned that Tangier includes beautiful forests, and the Rumailat forest is one of the most prominent of these forests, not to mention the Cave of Hercules, located in the west of the city, and supervises due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean, which is the largest cave of the continent of Africa, as it extends up to a distance of thirty kilometers in the soles The Ard, and this is what attracts many tourists annually to Tangier, whether coming from inside Morocco, the African continent, or visitors from all over the world, and the city gets a good share of the total percentage of foreign tourism traffic, that is, by forty-seven percent of foreign visitors coming To Morocco. Due to the development of the tourist attraction movement in Tangier, the responsible authorities have strengthened the tourist movement in the city with more steps on the ground, such as taking a step to convert the old port of Tangier from a commercial port to an entertainment port in 2010, which revived the tourism movement more in the city, and this drew the attention of investors To the tourist city, coastal tourism villages, resorts, and hotels thrived to serve visitors.

The most important tourist sites in Tangier

Here are the most important tourist sites in Tangier:

  • Kasbah of Tangier: It is a historic castle, located in the highest geographical area in the city, and a visitor can see Spain and the Gibraltar region through the Kasbah, and the Kasbah currently includes the most prominent museums in the city, the Kasbah Museum.
  • The Kasbah Museum: Previously, it was a palace of the Sultan, dating back to the seventeenth century AD, and the museum offers everything that the visitor wants to know about the city of Tangier, and the surrounding areas.
  • Edge Cafe: It is the café frequently frequented by the most famous celebrities in Morocco and abroad, and dates back to the year 1920 AD, which is a stone terraces, with seats and tables for the café, and the café overlooks the sea.
  • Ashkar Beach: It is located twenty kilometers from the city of Tangier, and the beach is quiet, making it the ideal place for those who want to escape away from the noise and bustle of the city, as sea amateurs practice their multiple water sports on this beach.

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