Where is the city of Baalbek?

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Baalbek, which is also called the city of the sun, is located in the Bekaa Valley, east of Lebanon, and is 80 km from the east to the northeast of Beirut, and its height is approximately 1130 m. It is a large archaeological complex that includes the ruins of an ancient Roman city. 1984 AD.

History of the city of Baalbek

Baalbek is an ancient Phoenician city that had been inhabited since 9000 BC, and Alexander the Great conquered Baalbek in 334 BC and called it Heliopolis, meaning the city of the sun, which is the name still used today, and the city of Baalbek became a colony of the Roman Empire In the year 64 BC, when the great Pompeii annexed the region of Phenicia to Rome, at which time the Romans worked to develop and improve the area through the establishment of huge conduits and construction projects, roads and corridors, and the city was a destination for pilgrims until the beginning of the year 313 AD, and Baalbek yielded to Islamic rule in 637 AD after their victory Against the Byzantines at the Battle of Yarmouk, and they performed my group A number of earthquakes over time damaged the Baalbek archaeological sites, and in 1898 AD the German Emperor Wilhelm II sent a team of scholars to start work on them, which contributed to preserving Baalbek for future generations.

Historical monuments in the city of Baalbek

The city of Baalbek is the first city to be built in history, and it has many historical monuments, the most important of which are:

  • Temple (Baal shrine – Jupiter): It is a temple built by the Phoenicians to worship the god Baal Al-Maqamd, which is the powerful god from which the earth trembles. This temple is known today as the castle, and it is located next to the Monastery of St. John.
  • Bacchus Temple: Its construction dates back to the second century AD, and is distinguished by its giant gate, which is 13 meters high and 6 meters wide.
  • Venus Temple: It is a building topped by a dome, and the Byzantines converted it into a church for Saint Barbara.


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