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Location and systems of government

Babel is an Iraqi city located to the south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on the banks of the Euphrates River, and Babylon went through stages of stability and progress as it was the capital of the Babylonian state that governs the territories between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and among its most prominent rulers is the Hammurabi legislator who is considered the first to write a constitution for the country and the civilization of Babylon reached the apogee Its superiority and prosperity, the Babylonian language spread in the whole region, and advanced science, knowledge, and arts, as trade flourished, and expanded greatly, and this was due to the stability of government systems, and the application of the law fairly to the people, which provided the appropriate environment for the development of all economic activities in the country .

After the rule of the legislator Hammurabi came the rule of Nebuchadnezzar, where he worked to expand his spheres of influence in the neighboring lands until he reached the Arabian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea, and developed the art of building so I built the towers, the most important of which is the Izagila tower, the tower of the Great God Marduk.

Label and language

The word Babylon in the Akkadian language means the door of the deity, and it has several ancient names including Babylon, the land of Babylon, Mesopotamia, and Mesopotamia, and the people of Babylon called their language the Akkadian language in relation to the area called Akkad, as it appeared from drawings and inscriptions on the walls of temples And the constellations as the names of the kings of Babylon appeared, drawn using cuneiform.

Babylonian monuments

Babel region is one of the Iraqi regions that abounds with its ancient ruins. If Iraq is a cradle of ancient civilizations, Babel is one of the most important historical regions. Babylon contains the most important cultural monuments in Iraq, and the most important of them are:

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon: This historic landmark is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, as it raises water to the top of the building in an amazing artistic way.
  • Ishtar Gate: It was built by the Amorite leader (Sommuabom), who is considered one of the greatest kings of this period.
  • Hammurabi’s Obelisk: It is a pillar of solid stones engraved with his accomplishments at that point.
  • Babylonians: It is a stone plaque about eight feet above the ground, engraved with Hammurabi canons, which are concerned with the judiciary, witnesses, sale, purchase, laws of prices, wages, the provisions of theft, trade, marriage, and the army, and his advice to future generations, and these laws are considered a milestone in the history of humanity as Affected by all civilizations that came after him.
  • Babylon Tower: The tower consists of seven circular layers topped by a temple.
  • Babylonian palaces: The most famous of these is Mary’s Palace, which contains defensive towers.
  • Babel’s Lion: It is a black stone statue engraved with a picture of a lion preying on a person. This person represents the enemy, and symbolizes strength and oppression with enemies.

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