Where is the city of Hail located?

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The city of Hail and its geographical location

Hail is one of the important cities in Saudi Arabia, which has a long history since ancient times. It presented many celebrities to the world, in addition to poets, as many explorers visited and wrote about it and relaxed it, as it is characterized by a charming nature, with vast lands, and abundant water abundant Vegetables. The city of Hail, or colloquially known as Hail, is located in the northern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is considered the seat of the Emirate of Hail region, but it is the regional capital of this region and also its administrative capital. In the region of Hail, two mountains are known, they are Mount Aga and also Mount Salma, and we find Hail, the city located in Mount Aga from the western side of the Wadi Al-Idera’a, and contains within it the well-known well with its sweetness and abundance of water, which is a well of grace, and we find that this city is surrounded by Jabal As-Samra and forms an arc around it, It has a northwestern border with Mount Aga.

Nature in Hail

This city is known to be located on the layers of the area known as the Arabian Shield, which has scarce water, and we find that its soil is of silt type, which is deep and also suitable for agriculture. As for its geological structure, it is one of the sediments of the era known as the quadrilateral, and we find the eastern region of the city consisting of granite rocks, which are undifferentiated, while the western region of the city comes in the form of mountain heights, i.e. the mountains of Aga, which rise from the sea level approximately one thousand four hundred Ninety meters, and we find the mountains of Al-Ahimarat and the mountains of Al-Muraqal, as well as the mountains of its passage, which come in the form of mountain ranges in the eastern part of Hail and also from the south-east of them, and Hail in general is located in a valley known as (Wadi Adrieh). And due to the diversity in the formations of this city, we find it characterized by a different nature that distinguishes it from the rest of the surrounding areas.

The most important archeological sites in the city of Hail

Among the archaeological areas in Hail:

  • Mountains: Its mountains are famous throughout history, such as Mount Salma, Mount Aga, and also Mount Samara, and there is Mount Pomegranate.
  • Barzan Castle: It is a castle in a castle, built by Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Mohsen Al Ali.
  • Aaref Castle: Its construction dates back to the pre-Islamic era, and it is built on a small mountain in the city center.
  • Qashla Fort: It contains several rooms and houses built according to the Islamic Najdi style.

The state has taken a great interest in the city of Hail, where we find a number of famous parks and parks, such as the Olive Park and Machar; and it has various types of services, whether governmental or private, that citizens need, but the future projects drawn for it will make it an economic city with distinction.


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