Kharkhir city

Kharkher is a large area of ​​the Rub Al Khali desert in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula, where sand dunes abound, and it is a Saudi city administratively affiliated to Najran Governorate after it was a governorate, and because of its lack of vital projects and tourist places, its desert nature, as well as the small population in it, has been converted into a city, and it is considered one of the Border centers covered by the Saudi-Yemeni border agreement.

Its geographical location

The city of Kharkhir is located on the border triangle of Yemen, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it is located in the southeast of Najran Governorate, at an estimated distance of eight hundred kilometers, and away from the Sharurah Governorate an estimated distance of five hundred kilometers, and the area of ​​the city is sixteen thousand square kilometers, and the border areas of Khakhir from the west Sharurah is located from the east and north, bordered by the eastern region, and from the south and Yemen.

The meaning of its name

The word “kharkhir” has many meanings, and it is derived from the two Khiran, the collection of the creek, which means the well of very salty water, because the city of Khirkhir contains many khiran, and also means the far place inside the desert. The city of Khirkhir is located in the Empty Quarter, and another narration is the sound of the trickling water that comes from The city’s water well.

Public life in it

The population of the city of Kharkhir is four thousand people, and in the last census twelve thousand people, and they are from the Bedouin tribes and most of them are the tribes of Mahra, Al-Manaheil, Al-Marra, the Al-Rashid, Al-Katheer, Al-Awamr, and Afar, and the city has several centers, such as: Umm Al-Malh Center, And the center of the basement, and critical, and the victim, and the veins of Ibn Hamouda, and the center of Shuwaikle on the northwestern side of the city.
Kharkhir is considered a border city, so border and army centers are spread in it, and there is peace airport: there is a military and civilian airport as well, as its flight path is usually between Jeddah Airport and Al-Kharj base, and the services provided by the city of Kharkhir to its residents include the presence of a government hospital and primary schools, Medium, secondary, power station, water desalination plant, and landline phone service.
The city of Kharkhir can be reached through Sharurah Al-Kharkhir, which is a paved road and a major artery for the city, as well as the Haradh Khirkhir Road, and Al-Manahil Road, which is one hundred and fifty kilometers away from Shaybah Al-Batha Road, and is considered the best way for those coming from central, northern and eastern Saudi Arabia, for the liveliness of the road, as well as the presence of Petrol station on it.
As we mentioned, despite the city’s population, its lack of services, and its proximity to the border, a royal decision was issued at the end of 2014 to cancel the name of Al-Kharkhir Province, and consider it a city that belongs administratively to Najran Governorate.

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