The most beautiful Arab cities

The Arab countries are distinguished for containing many picturesque regions and cities because of their distinct location, geography, and history in addition to their beautiful architectural structures, those cities made tourists visit from all over the world.

After studying the Arab cities and places, it became clear that the most beautiful city of Dubai and the city of Beirut, and in this article we will discuss the two cities and mention the most important places in them.

The city of Dubai

It is called the Emirate of Dubai, and it is located in the United Arab Emirates alongside the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the Emirate of Sharjah, and its area is 4.114 square kilometers and is inhabited by 2.262,000 people, most of them are foreigners, while citizens are equivalent to 9.5% of the total population.
Dubai has become one of the most beautiful Arab cities as a result of the modern and distinctive architectural building in it, which distinguished it and gave it a wonderful appearance, which made millions of tourists visit it annually.

The most beautiful places in Dubai

  • Flower Garden: It is a garden with an area of ​​144 square meters, containing more than 45 million flowers of 30 different types of them, and the garden is characterized by the splendor of its colors and its amazing natural appearance.
  • Burj Khalifa: It is the tallest tower in the world, distinguished by its magnificent architecture, and it contains many offices, apartments and malls.
  • Dubai Museum: The museum was opened in 1971 AD, and the museum includes many artifacts that show the history of the Emirate of Dubai, in addition to a group of other pieces belonging to Asian and African countries.
  • Burj Al Arab: The tower was distinguished as being built on an artificial island, and it contains luxury hotels and fine restaurants.

Beirut city

Beirut is located in Lebanon, east of the Mediterranean, and is its largest city and its official capital. The city has an area of ​​85 square kilometers, and its population is more than two million, according to a statistic conducted in 2007 AD. The scenery in it, that made it one of the most beautiful Arab cities and made it attract a large number of tourists to it.

The most beautiful places in Beirut

  • Cedar Forest: The forest is located in east Beirut, which is a dense forest and has a ski resort and many hotels and chalets.
  • Carved columns: It is a group of archaeological columns that were discovered in 1940 AD between the Great Mosque and Najma Square, and those columns were moved and installed in the National Museum in 1950 AD.
  • Al-Hamidiya Clock Tower: It is a tower built by the Ottomans in 1897 AD. The tower was distinguished by its height of 25 meters and it contains a huge bell weighing 300 kg.

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