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The city of Quanzhou

Quanzhou is one of the most important Chinese cities, which is located specifically in the southern region, to occupy the third largest city in the Republic of China, and it is considered the capital of a province called Guangdong, which is located specifically on the bank of a river called Zhu Jiang or the Pearl River, which is one of the largest commercial and industrial ports In China, which was visited by a large number of merchants, specifically Arabs from Persia and India.

The climate of Quanzhou

The climate of Quanzua is characterized as tropical and humid, so during the summer it is very wet and hot, while the winter is moderate and dry as well, while its winds are seasonal starting from the first of the month of April, and extends until September, and in general the average annual temperature is approximately 22.5 degrees Celsius, and the average Humidity is 68%, and the amount of rain for each year is approximately 1700 mm per year.

The economy in Quanzhou

The city of Quanzhou is considered one of the largest and most important commercial and industrial cities in the southeastern region of the continent of Asia, and the most important international industrial exhibitions are held, which is called the Canton Fair, which was specifically opened in 1957 AD, and this city also includes a group of ports, including Huang Bo Port, Which is fifteen kilometers away from the main port of the city, in addition to a group of industrial and commercial resorts.

The most important industrial activities in the city include the sugar and agricultural fertilizers industry, the manufacture of chemical materials, iron and cement, in addition to manufacturing manufacturing machines and various cars, and also includes a group of crops, the most important of which are grains and fruits, which are exchanged via railways, in addition to airports and ports.

Quanzhou Markets

The city of Quanzhou includes a group of markets that sell wholesale and retail different materials, including building materials, electronics and mobile phones, in addition to markets for cosmetics, different clothes for all ages, in addition to shoes and furniture such as doors and decor.

Tourist places in Quanzhou

It includes many tourist places, the most important of which is the Museum of Art, which includes nearly ten thousand paintings between crafts and traditional, in addition to Buddhist sculptures, there are also extensive gardens, the most important of which is Yuzio Garden, in addition to Gong Yuan Park which attracts many tourists and visitors. There are also zoos that include many birds, tigers, deer, pandas, and many others. The strange and beautiful thing at the same time is the presence of a large number of Arab restaurants in them, for example, Shami Restaurant, Al Saddah Restaurant, Al Bashawat Restaurant and Al Maedah Restaurant, in addition to the Sultan Restaurant.

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