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The city of Riyadh is one of the largest cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it is its capital, which is characterized by its green and picturesque nature, in which trees, roses and torrents abound, and its population reaches (68%) of the total population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Uraija, Nammar, Al-Batha, Al-Shumaisi Municipality, Al Olaya, Al-Malaz, Arqa Municipality, Al-Mather, Al Naseem, Al Shamal, Al Rawda Municipality and Al Hayer Municipality.

City location

The city of Riyadh is located in an area in the middle of most of the continents of the world, where it is located in the center of the Arabian Peninsula on the eastern side of the plateau of Najd, and away from the city of Medina and Makkah Al-Mukarramah approximately (800) km, as it is a modern and large urban city after it was one of the small cities that surround With old walls, the population of Riyadh reaches more than five million people, 31% of whom are expatriates and work in it, while the indigenous Saudi population is close to 69% of the total city population, and is characterized as being the most developed Arab city in terms of the rapid expansion of its area.

The most important landmarks of the city of Riyadh

Among the most important features of the capital of Riyadh:

  • Masmak Fortress: This is what visitors see when coming to Riyadh and is considered one of the famous historical monuments in the city. It was built in the year 1859 during the era of Muhammad Al-Abdullah Al-Rashid and was built by Prince Al-Rashidi Abdul Rahman bin Dabaan, who was the governor of the city of Riyadh. This fort witnesses to the battle of the Al-Saud and the Al-Rashid which The Al Saud won it and regained power, but now it is an archaeological museum and what distinguishes it is Bab Al-Hisn.
  • Kingdom Tower: It is one of the most famous landmarks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was built in 2002, with a huge area and a length of three hundred meters and consists of ninety nine floors, and there are the largest shopping centers and a huge hotel and public and cultural libraries, in addition to commercial offices and is characterized by its architectural and engineering form.
  • al faisaliya tower: Witness the legacy of the city of Riyadh, reaching a length of two hundred and sixty-six meters, and is similar to the long pyramid in its design and curved on both sides and it contains shopping centers, entertainment, hotels, apartments, and commercial offices.
  • Suspension bridge: It is considered one of the most prominent landmarks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it is located in the western side of the city of Riyadh and crosses a valley called Wadi Laban. This bridge is distinguished by its unique design and is considered one of the largest suspension bridges on the level of the suspended international bridges. Thirty-five meters, and it consists of six tracks of cars, three tracks of going and three other tracks of forth.

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