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Rafha city

Rafha is one of the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located in the northeast of the border with the Iraqi Arab Republic, as it is not more than 30 km away from it, and the people of the region mention that the reason for nominating Rafha is attributed to the fact that a woman was living with her relatives near a mountain near the region, After her death, this mountain was named after Mount Rafha, and when the city arose, it was named after Rafha in relation to Mount Rafha.

The origin and importance of the city

Rafha is one of the newly established governorates after the American Aramco Company established a pipeline to transport oil from the eastern fields of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the port of Sidon in Lebanon, through the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1951, because the length of the distance covered by the oil pipelines had to be set up stations To reinforce the pumping there, a station was established in the Rafha area. This station is a camp for employees working in it, in which all advanced public facilities are available such as electricity, water, schools, health care, recreational places, playgrounds and means of communication, which led to a change in the value of the place Especially with The company provides work opportunities for the local people, and take advantage of the services provided in this camp, many of them left the work of livestock and grazing and worked for this company, and moved from the life of nomadic mobility from one region to another to a life of stability and enjoyment of comfort and luxury.

This transformation that occurred in the Rafha region made it a region of population attraction, so citizens from neighboring places came in search of work and settled in it, which made it a city with a large population, so it declared a center of the governorate followed by more than 23 villages and population centers, so this governorate developed and developed public facilities And its urban area expanded to become comparable to other cities and governorates, but after the company liquidated its operations in the region, the importance of the city decreased greatly.
There are many ancient ruins in Rafha Governorate, such as the Zubaydah road coming from Kufa in Iraq to Makkah al-Mukarramah, as this road was an artery of that era, and along this road are pools of ancient water still present today.

Services available in the city

  • Rafha is the center of the governorate, so most service facilities must be located in it, like a security center in all its sectors.
  • Domestic airport.
  • All service departments, including water and breeding, Sharia courts and endowments.
  • Schools for boys and girls.
  • Scientific institute, girls college and general hospital.
  • TV station, gym and sports fields.

the climate

The climate of Rafha governorate does not differ from other regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the desert climate prevails in hot dry summers and cold dry winters, and light showers of rain fall in the winter. Torrents are quickly due to the sandy nature of the earth, and the vegetation is only a reflection of the amounts of rain and some grow Pastoral plants, especially on the highlands, are fed by livestock that citizens raise.

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