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Safed city site

The city of Safed is located in the Upper Galilee region in Palestine, at the top of a mountain with a height of 484 meters, forty kilometers north of Tiberias, and forty-eight kilometers east of the city of Acre, in the eastern part of Galilee, which is twenty-nine kilometers from the Lebanese border, located on a line It is 35.29 east longitude, 32.58 north latitude, and Mount Jarmak is located to the west of it. It overlooks the Sea of ​​Galilee and Beit She’an, and it is one of the oldest cities in Palestine, and it enjoys a strategic location that made it a target of invasion by many foreign forces, and because it is also considered in some Sometimes the capital of the Galilee region.

History of the city of Safed

In the archaeological excavations of Safed Castle, remains of Iron and Bronze Age were found, and the city was not mentioned in ancient sources which indicates that it was a small city in the era of BC, and the city was invaded by the Crusaders in 1140 AD, who founded its famous castle that It controlled the Northern Galilee, the Acre Road, and the road to Damascus, then Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi seized it in 1188 CE, and it was captured by Sultan al-Zahir Baybars al-Mamluky in 1266 CE. During the Ottoman rule, the city included 78 Arab villages, and during the British Mandate it included 69 villages. And several tribes.

General information about the city of Safed

The Arabs made up most of the population of Safed before declaring the establishment of the State of Israel in May of 1984 AD, then the city was evacuated by the British who gave the Arabs sites near Mount Canaan, located at an altitude of 960 meters above sea level, to take over the city after that by the Haganah They are the Jewish Defense Forces and the Arabs leaving them.

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