Where is the city of Sakaka?

المسافرون العرب

Sakaka City


The city of Sakaka is considered the administrative center of Al-Jouf region, and it is located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is 37 37/42 42 east and two 29 عرض / 32 / north latitude, with a height of 580 feet above sea level and about 500 feet below its adjacent areas, and which gave it this importance is its ancient position as it formed a path of trade between the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant in addition to Egypt, It was the road to me God is forbidden, and this region is still considered essential for the borders with the Kingdom, so that there is the largest land port in the Middle East in it, so that the northern gate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered, and its area is 107.794 km2, equivalent to 4.9% of the total area of ​​the kingdom, and the region includes 16 There are (A) with four centers and (B) with twelve centers.

the climate

Its climate is also desert and continental. In winter, the weather is cold and temperatures reach 8.5 degrees Celsius, and it is in its coldest conditions in January, particularly when the temperature ranges between 2-7 degrees below zero, which are described as freezing, and the amount of rain reaches During the winter season is between 30-60 mm per year, while in the summer, the maximum temperatures reach 42 degrees Celsius and when the summer falls to 30 degrees, the northwestern wind speed is approximately 5.7 miles per hour, specifically in April and September. , And the rest of the months are wind to east to west.

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Geographical nature

The Great Sedimentary Influence Basin is located on the northern side, and it covers the southern side of the Influence Desert, while on the northwestern side lies the Wadi Sarhan Plain, which extends to the southern part of Jordan.

Tourist areas

The region has many tourism assets that make it a distinctive area that attracts many tourists, and the most important elements of tourist attractions in the region:

  • The availability of many ancient and ancient monuments in the region.
  • Availability of an environment suitable for tourists, such as the presence of roads, parks, hotels, and tourist attractions, in addition to commercial markets.
  • The presence of entertainment projects for tourists and visitors of all ages, such as theme parks and water games.


* Zabal Palace.

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  • Courier Hill.
  • The effects of Rajajil.
  • Prince Mountain.
  • Well, Sisera and Ghor Hazra.
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