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clock tower

We often hear about a square known as the Clock Tower Square, to think that this is the only place that this name was called, so we will be surprised later on with a number of squares, places and cities that are famous for the Clock Tower, where the tower is most likely in the heart of the city or village, to be a point of reference inferred Every question about its location.

The clock tower is a tower, built specifically for the purpose that it carries in above an hour, and in most cases the number of hours exceeds one to four hours, most of which are each of the travelers traveling in one of the four sides of the tower, and the goal of building this tower is probably It is to carry these hours, so that the tower is either Arab travelers in the middle of an important large square in the city, or it is an important part of a place of worship, such as the church, or perhaps an administrative building.

Hourly Tone

Most of the time, these hours release distinctive rings, indicating the time of the hour, so that the sound of the bell or its tone indicates the location of this tower. For example, the sound of the church bell sounds the tone of the old bells that rang from the old cymbal, but the tone of the normal hour, the tone varies from an hour To another, Big Ben is absolutely famous for the tone tone that sets it apart from all other hours.

The largest watch in the world

The largest watch in the world as a whole is found in the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, with a length of more than six hundred meters, and its circumference and the length of its hands, it is the largest ever of all that was designed and built in the world, and works by solar energy, but its colors change Every minute.

Hourly horoscopes in the Arab world

The clock tower is called a number of constellations located in many cities and Arab countries, where the clock tower is called the Mecca clock in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is located in the higher area of ​​the house towers, and there is in the Arab Republic of Egypt, specifically in the Giza region where the tower The Cairo University Hour, and also in the city of Mahalla, where there is the clock tower of the Egyptian Spinning and Weaving Company, and we find in the Syrian Arab Republic, specifically in the city of Aleppo, the Bab al-Faraj clock tower, and also in Homs there is the clock tower, but in Palestine it is in the city of Jaffa, the clock tower, And also in the range It is in Gaza where the clock of Al-Azhar University in Gaza, and in the Libyan Republic there is the Clock Tower in Tripoli, and in the Tunisian Republic we find in the capital on the Habib Bourguiba Street Clock Tower, but in the Republic of Yemen, we find Big Ben Aden.

Clock towers in foreign countries

We find in the United Kingdom of Britain in the city of London Big Ben and Little Ben, and we also find the cathedral clock tower of Wells, and we find the clock tower of the Cathedral of Saigon in the city of Notre Dame, while in Warsaw we find the clock tower in the Palace of Culture and Science, while in the American state New York, the clock tower is the tower Dead live.

Cheese video is “grand prize”

What is the British game that “cheese” is the biggest prize? Some British traditions seem to hide many wonders! :

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