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Masmak Palace site

Al-Masmak Palace is one of the ancient palaces located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the center of the city of sport, the capital of the Kingdom, and it is a large fortress built of clay brick known as milk, and the Masqam is located in the north-east of the old city of Riyadh, near the fence, but now it is located in Deira neighborhood.

Build your mouthpiece

This palace was built by Prince Abdul Rahman bin Dabaan in the year 1895 AD, when he assumed the emirate of Riyadh, and he was named in the past as a fish and this name is due to the thickness of his wall and immunity, but it has distorted the name over time and became your designer, and this palace is considered one of the buildings Al-Asilah in Riyadh, which remains to this day.

In particular, in 1902, this palace was used as a warehouse where weapons and ammunition are placed after the city of Riyadh was opened, and this matter remains until this palace is used today as a museum, dedicated to it exhibits on the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was made thanks to King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud To be a heritage teacher talking about an important period in the life and establishment of the kingdom.

Landmarks of Masmak Palace

The gate of the Masmak Palace is located on its western side, but its height is 3.60 meters, and its width is 2.65 meters. This gate is made of the dirt and also from the trunks of the palm trees, and the door thickness is 10 cm, where we find three beams of thickness each of which is 25 cm, and we find an opening In the middle of the door is known as the peach. It is used as a narrow and small gate. Only a curved person can enter it. There is a spear at the door that breaks its head. It is a witness to the violent battle that took place with King Abdulaziz and some of his opponents there.

In the palace there is also a mosque located to the left side of its entrance, this mosque comes in the form of a very spacious room, which contains several columns, and on its walls some shelves are used to put the Qurans on it, and the mosque is still preserved on the mihrab, in addition to the presence of openings in the walls and ceiling used for ventilation.

On the side facing the entrance to the palace, we find the Majlis, or what is known as Diwaniyah, which is a room with a rectangular shape, and we find a neighbor in it. There is a water well, from which the water is drawn by a bucket.

In the four corners of the palace there is a tower with a cylindrical shape, each one reaching 18 meters high, and can be accessed by stairs, where throwing can be used from the top of this zodiac, and its thickness is 1.25 meters.

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