The most important tourist areas in Algeria

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The Algerian Republic is considered one of the largest countries in the African continent, in terms of its large area, and also it is considered one of the largest countries in the world as it occupies the tenth rank globally in its largest area, and it is located in the northern part of Africa, and the Algerian desert occupies the largest part of its area, in addition to what is in it From hills and highlands, to a coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The country of Algeria enjoys an important tourist position, due to its distinct location on the Mediterranean, where we find that marine tourism comes first, as it is active in it, especially in the summer, where vacationers abound if they are from the people of Algeria or foreign tourists who enjoy the blue of the sea and the sand of its beaches with the same the Golden color.

The coastal city of Oran has the title (Bride of the Algerian Coast), which is an estimated distance of 450 square kilometers from the Algerian capital, and characterized by its mild climate, the climate of the Mediterranean Sea Basin, where the winter is warm, and is characterized by its scenic beaches, and the most famous of these beaches It is (Madag Beach), which for tourists is a kiss for them, and also the beaches of (Mostaganem) and (Ghazaouet), and from the eastern side there are several important beaches such as (Annaba), and (Bejaia), also (Sidi Faraj) and many others that are famous for the monuments It dates back to the Roman era, and along the beaches we find there are forests with ca. The culture of the tree, as well as its rich plains, and what attracts tourists to these beaches, especially those who love diving and its hobbies, is the vision of the coral reefs in (the gossip).

Algeria has many forests and also rocky mountains that take the form of chains, in addition to the lakes on the eastern side. There are also sabkhas that extend to Morocco, and that would add a moderate atmosphere in all seasons, which would endow nature with environmental diversity. And often go to the hills of the Atlas Mountains, which are the longest mountain ranges in the African continent as a whole, which extends along the coastline, and the most important of these mountains with a well-known is (the mountains of Jarjira), where it is largely covered by snow during the winter season.

As for its plains, it is of high fertility, where we find (Plain Mitja) is the most fertile in relation to the soil in the Algerian state, as it extends up to a distance of 100 square kilometers, and in this country we find many environmental reserves, especially in the state of Guelma and also the state of El Taref, where it abounds Animals of all kinds, as well as birds, find the stork, the finch, and the barbarian deer.

The Algerian desert, which covers an area of ​​84% of the country’s area, is therefore ranked second as the largest deserts in the world. From the presence of drawings dating back to the ancient stone age found in what is known as the barns (Tassili Nagar) and also (Hoggar), which tells the story of the history of the ancient state, and in it volcanic mountains of origin, watching the sunrise and sunset in a magic that is neither more beautiful nor wonderful than it.

There are many resorts and swimming pools in the Algerian state, as it will revive tourism, especially in the summer. As for the winter season, skiing is the best and most sought after. The state of Algeria is a witness to a European Islamic heritage. Wherever there is music, it plays to remember an Andalusian heritage that boasts originality, and enjoys the abundance of its mosques dating back to the 16th century AD, and its heritage architectural monuments witness to its great history.


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