Where is the flower garden located in Dubai?

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Dubai flower garden

The flower garden located in the United Arab Emirates in the Dubai region is a masterpiece of wonderful agricultural designs, which contain various types of flowers in multiple colors, up to more than thirty colors, and some of them were first planted in the Arabian Gulf, and it is said that the number of flowers in them has arrived To more than (45) million flowers, and this garden is called “Miracle Garden”.

The flower garden was established as a project under the guidance of the Emirates; in order to promote environmental tourism in the region, to invest the natural ingredients it possesses in times of mild weather, the total park area is approximately one million square, and it has several corridors with a total length of four kilometers, as it is considered the largest Worldwide flower garden.

The location of the park and how to reach it

Miracle Garden is located in the Emirate of Dubai, within the vicinity of the Dubailand Complex, near the Arabian Ranches towards the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as for how to get there, you start from the metro station in the Deira area, passing through Al Garhoud Bridge, towards Sheikh Zayed Road until you reach Umm Suqeim Street across the bridge , Until you reach an exit that leads you to “Motor City”, as the park is adjacent to it.

Components of the garden

The first phase of the park was implemented on an area of ​​(72) thousand square meters, and in order for visitors to enter it must pass through the middle of a corridor, which is a masterpiece of natural flowers called the “corridor of hearts”, there are on its sides seven huge figures of different roses, in the form of Hearts of love symbolize the seven emirates, and at the end of the corridor there is a large picture of the late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan (the founder of the state), in his appreciation, as it contains most of the world monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt, the largest of which reaches a height of ten meters, the Eiffel Tower and the mills Dutch, and many beautiful figures and shapes.

There is also a corridor covered with colorful umbrellas of flowers, visitors walk from under its shades, there is also a well-known Emirates Eagle figure, two lakes in each of them a fountain, and many horizontal and vertical designs with different shapes and colors of flowers, and there are a lot of services that ensure comfort Visitors, in addition to that the design of the garden takes into account all slides and groups, such as the elderly and people with special needs, to facilitate their movement within the park and enjoy its scenic views, as there are ambulance and emergency rooms, and all safety and security standards.

The future of the park

Dubai flower garden is a candidate to enter the Guinness Book, because of the flower pyramid in it, which reaches a height of ten meters at a base of (144) square meters, and the second phase of the park will also begin, and includes the work of a butterfly garden, an hour covered with flowers, a children’s playground, and a group of Restaurants and commercial outlets.


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