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The bells

One of the oldest rhythmic instruments that has spread throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the rest of the world, and uses the bells for its strong voice that can reach long distances as a means of communication or as a musical instrument, etc., the history of bells began in China until it spread to find great popularity in the surrounding areas of China Many of the royal families and nobles were interested in designing it, as it is a symbol of strength, until it later strongly contacted religions, especially Buddhism and Hinduism, as a festive expression in temples and churches. Metal bells are often made of bronze and is a mixture of copper and tin, as it is resistant to Oxidation and weathering and form rust, as it distinguishes its ability to maintain resonance when hit and Ahtzazh to produce sounds.

The most famous bells in the world

Among the most famous bells found around the world:

  • The Great Bell of Dahamazidi: (Great Bell of Dhammazedi) was one of the largest bells throughout history, as it was established in Burma (Myanmar) in 1484 by order of King Dhamazide, with a weight of 327 tons, was placed in the Shwedagon Pagoda on top of Yangon Hill, one of the most sacred temples in Burma This bell was stolen from one of the Portuguese adventurers, but it sank after being transported by boat across the Burma River due to its large weight which led to the destruction of the boat.
  • Good luck! It is the largest bell in China, which weighs about 116 tons, length of 8 meters and width of 5 meters, and is in the (Foquan) Temple in Pingdingshan.
  • Shitennō-ji Temple Bell: In Japan, with a weight of 128 tons, which was established in 1902.
  • Mingun bell: In Myanmar, it is the heaviest in the world, with a weight of about 90.7 tons.
  • Kyungju Bell: (Kyongju) in South Korea, with a weight of about 72 tons, length of 2.8 meters and diameter of 2.2 meters, was placed in the Kyungju National Museum.
  • Bell tower: (Bell tower) is located in Beijing and is a bell weighing 63 tons, 5 meters high and 4.5 meters in diameter.

The largest bell in the world

Tsar Bell III, which was established in 1735 and is the largest bell in Russia and the world, and was placed in the Kremlin and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, and this bell weighs about 202024 kg (more than 200 tons) and a height of 6.14 meters, He was burned in 1737 and caused some cracks in it, knowing that his voice might reach a distance between 50 and 60 kilometers, and he used the bell like other bells to alert people to the presence of attacks from enemies or the occurrence of fires.

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