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Ministry of Justice

It is the ministry that carries out a set of administrative responsibilities related to the judiciary, law, and courts within the circle of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the ministry is located in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, specifically in the Southern Ring Road in Al-Manar neighborhood, and the establishment of the ministry dates back to one thousand three hundred and ninety-six Hijri years. The Ministry is currently His Excellency Dr. Walid bin Muhammad Al-Samaani.

Ministry departments

Law Department

The law firm receives all applications for registration, and submits applications to the registration and acceptance committee, in order to provide the best registration and licensing services for lawyers, and there are many of the main actions upon which the administration is based, namely:

  • Continuity in pursuing careers and working to develop them.
  • Receiving all requests from consultants from outside the borders of the Kingdom to support the Ministry with qualified human resources.
  • Working to consolidate all the Ministry’s relations with local, regional and international organizations in the field of law only.
  • Knowing the latest developments regarding the regulations and amendments related to the legal system.

There are several steps that a lawyer must follow to obtain a lawyer’s license:

  • Fill out the license application form, and attach the original required data.
  • Fill out the application for registration and approval, and sign them before the Director of the Lawyers Department.
  • The group of applications is presented to the Lawyers Committee, which gives a decision on acceptance, rejection or postponement for the purpose of confirmation.
  • The Department shall inform the applicant of the license to come to the Ministry for the purpose of completing the final procedures, and obtain a license to start the profession.

financial management

There are many goals and tasks that the department carries out:

  • It provides an integrated set of financial and banking services to the Ministry, depending on a set of regulations, regulations, and instructions.
  • The finance officials carry out all their duties assigned to them, including granting the dues to their beneficiaries, paying the costs of the ministry, installing all works in books and records, working to audit all financial documents, and following up the budget first-hand, in order to ensure that the budget is preserved, and that it does not exceed the limit specified for it .
  • Work on all possible means to provide financial liquidity to the Ministry’s fund when this liquidity is needed.
  • Get all notifications related to revenue and exchange.
  • Submit monthly and annual reports on all activities and achievements that the administration has undertaken for the Ministry.

The General Department of Follow-up

The administration monitors the occurrence of errors, no matter how small, within the administrative apparatus of the ministry, and this is done through carrying out the inspection and oversight without warning to all ministerial units, in order to ensure the progress of work within the required according to what is indicated by the laws, laws and regulations, and it also provides The various proposals through which the agency’s business can be developed, in addition to submitting monthly and annual reports on complaints, and violations that have been issued against employees to the ministry.

Other departments

There are many other departments that belong to the Ministry and they are: Administrative Development Department, General Administration of Money Houses, Marriage Authorities, Budget Department, Statistics Department, Planning Department, International Cooperation Department, General Administration for Training and Scholarships, Quality Management, General Administration for Training Judges, and Administration The General of International Court Affairs, the General Administration of Social Service, and the General Department for Projects.

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