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The period during which a person travels must be a period of rest, leisure and recreation, for the traveler tries as much as possible to search for the appropriate place to spend the vacation and for this he must be sufficiently aware of the place to which he is heading in order to meet his need and purpose of travel and this largely depends on the person To begin with, he knows what he wants to accomplish from his travel. There are many types of tourism.

Types of tourism

The types of tourism are summarized in four types:

  • Recreational tourism: It is tourism, the goal of which is recreation and recreation, spending a time of rest and tranquility, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
  • Cultural tourism: It is tourism, the purpose of which is to identify and explore the culture, language and history of other peoples, so that they are directed towards museums, archaeological and historical places in the other country.
  • Religious tourism: It is the purpose of which is worshiping, visiting religious places and landmarks, and praying in it, such as visiting the Kaaba in Mecca, visiting the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, as well as the Christian pilgrimage to the Vatican.
  • Adventure Tourism: It is the one that is for taking strange trips and it has a great deal of adventure such as climbing mountains, surfing the sea or safari trips that are held in different deserts.

The best tourist countries in the world

Here is a list of the best tourist countries in the world:

  • France: It is one of the most famous countries that travelers visit for tourism, as the number of tourists annually reaches more than 83 million tourists, due to the large number of tourist places in it and its diversity. It includes the Eiffel man, the cemetery of the greats, the Louvre Museum and other tourist places.
  • italy: It is the fourth largest tourist country in the world known for its fine arts, its Romen structures, international musical theaters, and fancy costumes, in addition to italyn restaurants famous for pasta and pizza, and among the most famous tourist places are the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Venetian forces.
  • Greece: It is the center of the Greek civilization, which is one of the oldest and most ancient civilizations, in addition to the scenic tourist islands. Among the most important of these islands, Santorini and Crete.
  • Turkey: Its capital, Istanbul, is distinguished by its ancient history and contains many museums and Islamic mosques, such as the Blue Mosque. In addition, there is the Attarin market full of Turkish handicrafts.
  • Spain: There is the city of Seville, which is a popular destination for tourists who love culture and for the purposes of trade and visiting quiet beaches in addition to the city of Barcelona, ​​which is a center for sports and leisure tourism in Spain, as well as the city of Cordoba with an Islamic historical character.
  • Germany: It is a world tourist destination primarily and has many historical monuments such as Heidelberg Castle, German Museum, and Pergamon Museum.

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