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Taj Mahal

In general, many countries and times pass through countries and many stories and stories that may leave behind a story and an effect that becomes a circulation among people, not only that, but it also becomes taught in educational curricula and Arab travelers are presented in many documentary TV programs. Like the Taj Mahal that we will talk about and his story in this article.

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The Taj Mahal is located in India, specifically in the city of Agra to the northwest of the country and the city of Agra is one of the cities dating back to the rule of the Mughal Muslims at that time. Where the Taj Mahal is the most prominent landmark that was built with a wonderful and beautiful design, as it came a mixture of Turkish, French and Ottoman architecture, in addition to Indian architecture.

The story of building the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal can be said that it was a construction designed as a product of a love story between an emperor and his wife, so the story was that there was an emperor who greatly appreciated his wife, because his wife represented him as a symbol of intelligence, love and appreciation for her husband, the emperor, in addition to that she was helping him on his work It guides him to perform his duties, that the death of his wife was a tragic thing for him, which called the emperor to build a memorial for his wife containing her grave, to be an expression of his love and loyalty to his wife and to commemorate her as some narrations said, and it is mentioned that the Taj Mahal was also buried The emperor himself after his death Next to his wife and the same place.

The reason for naming the Taj Mahal

The name Taj Mahal belongs to the name of the emperor’s wife, whose name was Excellent Mahal, to the fact that the name was distorted to the name of the Taj Mahal with the days, and the building was built upon the desire of Emperor Shah Jehan to honor his wife who died while giving birth to the fourteenth son, meaning that she was on a mattress Childbirth when she died, and that was in the year 1630.

The tourist side of the Taj Mahal

It can be said that India attracts a large number of tourists from abroad, due to the fact that it contains the Taj Mahal, which has become a magnet for many people in the world, because of the distinctive view of the Taj Mahal from the wonderful view and distinctive architectural design. Where the Taj Mahal contains the tomb of the wife of Emperor Shah Jehan, which is called Mumtaz Mahal in addition to the tomb of her husband, and also includes a garden called the Ghoul Garden, which contains many long corridors in the garden in addition to a number of agricultural basins inside, and the garden area is approximately 300 square meters, Above the building there is a dome designed in an innovative way and beautiful and elaborate architecture, where the height of the dome reaches approximately 35 meters, in addition to the decoration that decorates the top of the dome.

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