Where is the Valley of Mujib?

المسافرون العرب

The geographical location of Wadi Mujib

Wadi Al-Mujib is located in Jordan, which is one of the Jordanian tourist destinations, and it is a narrow path that intersects with the Dead Sea, and the valley is located in the mountain scene, and to the eastern side of the Dead Sea, at a distance of about 90 kilometers on the southern side of the Jordanian capital (Amman), The valley area on the eastern side of the Dead Sea beach is 220 square kilometers, and Wadi Mujib is known as the (Arnoun Valley).

Mujib Valley features

The Valley of Mujib is distinguished by its amazing natural scenery, where it occupies a distinctive place to attract visitors and tourists, who enjoy its atmosphere, but it is worth noting the region’s need for more attention and care, in order to increase its tourism value on a high level, and the valley contains 412 species of plants And on 50 species of animals, as it is considered a theater for migratory birds, and the region is a place of great fun for fishermen.

Among the types of birds that live in the valley:

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  • Egyptian luxury: It is one of the eagles that migrate and spawn in Jordan.
  • Punly PunishmentIt is one of the largest birds of prey found in Jordan.
  • Music birdIt is a species of birds of prey.
  • Chiny birdIt is considered one of the most beautiful birds that live in the southern Jordanian regions, especially in the Wadi Mujib area and the ancient city of Petra, and this bird is considered as a national bird for Jordan.

Wadi Mujib Reserve

Wadi Mujib Reserve is located in the heart of Wadi Mujib, and is 410 meters below the level of the Dead Sea, and the reserve is considered one of the most tourist areas in Jordan, where many tourists visit, and the importance of the reserve location is indicated, as it is located near the Dead Sea, and aims to This protectorate is to protect the natural environment, support the tourist movement, as well as support the natural environment, and it is a source of national income in the region. The area of ​​the protectorate is 220 square kilometers, and it contains several types of animals within it, perhaps the most important of which is the body animal, which is a type of goat The great, whose number has dwindled Because of the large number of catch.

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