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Yildiz Palace

Yildiz Palace is one of the most famous palaces that exist in Turkey, the palace has more attention in its internal corners, so the food and reception halls are characterized by luxury, where the ceiling of the hall is characterized by golden panels that decorate it, and this also reflects the interest in the halls that were built close to the European style that cares for floors The parquet, and the furnishings for dining rooms and bedrooms and receptions were a mixture of European furnishings, and Turkish shell furnishings, that is, adorned with small pearl pearly beads, the palace is very luxurious, worth visiting and taking unique memorial photos. .

Yildiz Palace site

Yildiz Palace is located in the Turkish city of Istanbul, specifically located in Yildiz Park, and the palace was named in relation to the first building that was built in that garden, and the word Yildiz means the star, meaning Yildiz Palace is the Star of the Star, and the date of construction of this palace dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, which is a year 1875 AD, and it is said that it was built in 1790 AD during the reign of Sultan Salim III as a gift to his mother, Sultan Maharisha.

The history of Yildiz Palace

During the reign of Sultan Abd al-Hamid II, the palace was expanded in 1890 AD as a guest house, and the Sultan took it as the seat of the Ottoman government throughout his reign, and in 1898 AD the palace was expanded again when Kaiser William II, the Emperor of Germany, was received, and given the breadth of the palace, the aesthetics of its location and its unique style of architecture, it was taken as a base headquarters For the government instead of the palace of a colorful state, the palace consists of a large number of wings and rooms for the ruling class of the sultan, princes and princesses, special rooms for servants and a number of gardens and stables for horses, it is a very luxurious palace, and when viewing the palace from the outside you will need half an hour until Learn about the palace’s outdoor facilities, and inside you will steal time until you know the accuracy of building this palace.

Build the Yildiz Palace

Yildiz Palace was built in Yildiz Park which was a very beautiful forest located on an area of ​​five hundred thousand square meters, and was confined between the Ortakoy and Besiktas area in Istanbul, and this forest was called the Kazanjioglu Forest, where this forest is characterized by various trees that It was brought from all over the world, as well as with different types of beautiful and rare flowers, and all these unique specifications made it wonderful when it was located on a high hill surrounded by tall trees, and as we mentioned during the reign of Sultan Selim the third he built the first building in this garden and called it a kiosk Yildiz, and the word Check As for the Ottomans, it means a building surrounded and fenced with very high walls in order to preserve the privacy of the palace, as well as it consisted of three buildings attached to each other, and after the end of the rule of this Sultan, the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid II came and expanded the kiosk to a wider palace by adding a lot of halls and wings to fit The governor of the palace and its visitors during that period, when the garden surrounding this palace was known as the Yildiz Park, and the palace retained its name as it was called by the Sultan who ordered its construction.

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