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The State of Bahrain is one of the participating countries in the Gulf Cooperative Council, and Bahrain is characterized by many tourism projects and resorts, and despite its small area, it is a destination for the Arab Gulf countries in order to enjoy the most beautiful scenery, tourism, and recreation, and here we will get to know the best places that you can visit during Your trip to Bahrain.

Where to go in Bahrain

Block 336

Complex 336 is located in the city center of Adliya, and it is a gathering of many restaurants, museums, art galleries and markets, which includes all tastes and ages of Seda, men and children, and also contains the walkway, which in turn is one of the attractive and attractive areas, along with the sessions that The visitor spends the most beautiful moments with drinks and Bahraini food.

Bahrain Museum and Castle

The Bahrain Fort is considered the center of the former capital of Dilmun, and it is one of the most ancient and original archeological museums in the Arab Gulf states, as it dates back to nearly 400 years. . A museum was opened inside the castle in 2008 AD It is based on a wall that is approximately eight meters long, and inside it there are five halls containing more than 550 pieces, and an archaeological scene dating back to that time.

Bahrain National Museum

The Bahrain National Museum is considered one of the first museums to be opened in Bahrain, as it dates back to 1988 AD, and it is one of the museums that overlooks the sea. The museum was built from white limestone, and in turn contains artifacts that fill the place, and the contents of the museum are represented by statues, And artistic drawings dating back to 600 years, which is equivalent to a time period, in addition to that, the clothes and traditional artistic music of the State of Bahrain are displayed, which in turn are not without dance councils and authentic music.

Bab Al Bahrain

This door is the main entrance to Manama, as this door was overlooking the sea, and the door was restored several times over the ages, the last of which was in the eighties, and from that time became the Manama market that includes perfumes, natural incense, natural oils and all the traditional Bahraini products, And many tissues and manual work.

Muharraq Old Houses

Muharraq is the first capital of Bahrain in the past. This region is famous for the old traditional houses that retain their folk character, Al-Basitin, and it is an example of Islamic architecture. Among the most famous houses in that region, which became one of the ancient Islamic monuments, the house of Sheikh Issa bin Ali.

The Quran House

It is a museum characterized by its Islamic construction engraved on its walls by Arabic writings and manuscripts of the Holy Qur’an, also distinguished by the fabric found throughout the museum, in addition to providing a place dedicated to teaching the teachings of the Islamic religion.

High Cemetery Hills

These hills are considered one of the most mysterious monuments in Bahrain, due to their small size and awareness, which are royal tombs located in the north of Bahrain.

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