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In Frankfurt there is an area called the Museum Embankment. It is a collection of twelve museums on both sides of the River Main, most of which are on the southern bank of the river, where there are museums for movies, art, architecture, communications, etc., and has been created This idea was in the eighties and nineties, and some museums were built in the homes of aristocrats while architects built the bazons of other museums, on the last weekend of August, the contents of museums are displayed on the bridge, in addition to playing outdoor music, performances of dance performances, and racing The boats F. Maine River.

Palm Garden

The beautiful Palm Garden is located on 54 acres, and it is the largest botanical garden in Germany, it opened in 1871 AD and since then it attracts visitors to it greatly, as it was visited by the most prominent artists in the world, and the most prominent exhibits in it are plants It was displayed according to its geographical location, along with greenhouses containing tropical plant species. Several activities are held in the park, such as: boat rides, playing in a children’s playground, and hiking in special areas.

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

The Romen Cathedral of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral was built in the period between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. Red sandstone was used in its construction in the old Gothic style, reaching a height of 95 m. It is still a prominent form in Frankfurt, and is one of the skyscrapers It is one of the few churches in Germany that was designated as an imperial church, where emperors were crowned in the church from 1562 AD to 1792 AD, and there are sculptures dating back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

The main tower

One of its highlights is the main tower in Germany, a high-rise building located in the center of Frankfurt, also called the main German river, and tourists and visitors can climb up to its 650-foot platform to enjoy the wonderful view of the city, and drinks or food can also be taken in the restaurant It is located at the top of the tower; international cuisine is served there.


Zeil is the main place for shopping in Frankfurt, a pedestrianized area known for its noisy, pedestrian street in Zeil is known in English as (The Fifth Avenue of Germany), and it has everything that a person needs when shopping and many elegant and luxurious stores .

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