Doha is one of the cities of the State of Qatar and its capital, and it is one of the coastal cities that are located on the middle of the eastern coast in the Qatari peninsula. The population of the city, according to estimates of the year 2011, is approximately 1.450,000 people, named by this name being based on the Gulf since 1686 AD. It is bordered to the north by Wadi Al Banat and Al Khaleej, to the east by Doha Airport and Doha Corniche, to the south by Al Thumama, and to the west by Al-Aba.

Residents of Doha

Most of the population of the city of Doha are expatriates and foreign workers, and the largest part came from the regions of southern Asia, i.e. from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, in addition to a large number of the Republic of Egypt, the Levant, Sudan, East Asia, North and South Africa, and there are also expatriates from France, America, the United States, and Norway, And it still attracts a lot of immigrants, in the past, expatriates were not entitled to own lands in it but now they are allowed to do so, and most of the people of Qatar owe Islam and some minorities to the Christian religion.

Attractions that can be visited in Doha

Places to visit in Doha:

  • Doha Corniche Park: It is a waterfront on the Gulf, and it also connects the city of Doha with the West Bay. Most of the features of this Corniche were formed due to the excavation work that took place between the period (1970-1980), and it is a famous landmark in the area that people use for walking and exercising. .
  • Katara neighborhood: It is a cultural, artistic and heritage neighborhood with many open theaters, artistic and dramatic galleries, music concerts, hotels, restaurants and water sport facilities.
  • Souq Waqif: It is an old traditional market, and was recently restored with a traditional architectural design, which contains a lot of shops that sell Qatar antiques and textiles, as well as traditional Qatari cuisine and art pieces.
  • Aqua Park: It is a water park in which there are fifteen water games suitable for young and old, including swimming pools and high water slides, and an area of ​​approximately (50,000) square meters.
  • Barzan Tower: It is a tower built in the past during the nineteenth century AD, which was ordered to be built by Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani (Muhammad Barzan). The height of the tower is approximately (14) meters and has (3) levels, characterized by its unique shape (T) covered with mud.
  • Mesfer solution: It is a cave with a depth of (40) meters located on the north of Salu Road. Its walls are of solid gypsum.
  • Al-Zubarah Castle: This castle dates back to the eighteenth century AD and is located in the north, in the past it was a port for fishermen and merchants, the castle was registered by the World Heritage Committee as a world heritage in the year 2013 AD.
  • Aspire Zone: It is the largest park in the State of Qatar with an area of ​​(880,000) square meters, where visitors can enjoy watching goose and ducks, in addition to cafes.
  • Bousamra: It is a small garden suitable for adults and children, with games and winding paths to walk on.

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