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Milan; it is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in Italy, as it was in the ancient capital of the Romen Empire after it was invaded by the Romens, and it flourished in the Middle Ages and became one of the most important commercial and financial centers in the world; By Spain, France, Austria, and many other countries.

Milan is nowadays an important industrial and commercial center for Italy, where there are many museums, banks and major companies, so many visitors around the world target it as one of the tourist places that must be visited.

The most important tourist places

Milan Cathedral

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Milan, and one of the largest cathedrals in Rome, and there are many paintings and drawings of the most famous painters in the world, and many European arts.

Porta Sempione

It is a huge door located in the central area of ​​Milan, and is considered one of the largest doors in Milan, and it comes in the form of a large arch, and there are many beautiful parks near it.

The Galleria Vittorio complex

It is considered one of the most important and largest complexes in Milan, and it has many shops, restaurants, and parks, and is characterized by its different structure and luxury, where many festivals and major events are held.

Church of Santa Maria delle Grazia

It contains an art painting by Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most famous in the world, and it was painted on the ceiling of the church. It also contains many old decorations and famous paintings by the artist Frisco, one of the most interesting and best places in Milan.

Giardini Andrew Montanelli Park

It is one of the oldest parks in Milan, and one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy, and visitors from all regions of the world come to visit and relax in the golden sun, and enjoy seeing the statues found in the Garden Museum, and there is a small pond of great beauty, it is recommended to visit many people when visiting Milan.

Fiera Shows

It is one of the largest exhibitions in the world, and there are many unique commercial products, as it is an important center for shopping and purchasing distinctive and unique tools and products.

Aquario Civic and de Milan

It is an old building with a huge fish tank displaying all the marine animals that live in the river and the seas of Italy. The building also contains a library of science and a Newton statue.

Boldi Pisuli Museum

It is considered one of the oldest museums in Milan, and it is characterized by its beautiful building, and it contains many statues of the top italyn artists, some weapons and gold sculptures.

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