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Jalan Surabaya Market

Jalan Surabaya Market is located on the border of Menting Province, which is an antique open-air market located in the center of Jakarta. This market is characterized by a variety of kiosks that sell crafts, antiques and souvenirs. Old Dutch families.

Istiqlal Mosque

The Istiqlal Mosque is the fourth largest mosque in the world. It is located in downtown Jakarta near Monas. Construction of this mosque began during the era of former President Soekarno in the sixties and was completed in 1978 AD. The mosque consists of five floors that can accommodate up to 250 thousand worshipers, This mosque is full at the end of Ramadan, but most days it is almost empty.

Kuta just now

The Kuta Toa area is considered the old town in Jakarta and is characterized by its unique charm and possession of many museums, and it serves as an entertainment area for the local people, and among the most important of these museums is the historic Jakarta Museum, which is a tourist destination since it shows the experience of the Dutch colonization of Indonesia, which was a harsh period, as the Dutch contributed to imposing Culture and government are alien to the country, and this building was considered an integral part of their rule, and the interior of the museum is filled with cultural artifacts dating back to Dutch rule.

Wayang Museum

Wayang Museum or Puppet Museum that displays traditional Indonesian dolls and other collections of dolls from other regions such as Thailand, Burma and China, and this museum dates back to the year 1630 AD, and the garden of this museum is the seat of the Governor General Jean Peterswin Quinn and is the founder of the ancient city of Batavia, and it is possible through this museum Learn how shadow dolls work and join workshops to learn how to make them.

Ragunan Zoo

It is also called the Jakarta Zoo, which is a zoo located in Jakarta in Indon, and it is considered one of the prominent places in the world that displays plants and animals in Southeast Asia, where more than 3500 samples from approximately 450 animal species are displayed inside the grounds of the park. Covering an area of ​​1.99 square kilometers, and the rare animal species that this park displays Orangutan jungle and Siero Sumatri.

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