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The city of Khobar, located in the east of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is one of the most important cities built on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, which was inhabited in the past by the Dawasir tribe. Today, the largest percentage of non-Saudis resides in it, due to the increase in foreign employment as a result of the presence of many oil companies in it. There are many important places in this city, which visitors can visit, spend the happiest and richest times, in the shadow of a city that is blessed with luxury and organized, non-random beauty.

The most important landmarks of the city

It is possible to go in the city of Al-Khobar to several places, and one of the most famous features of this city is the kiss of the first marine city, and then the Khobar Corniche, in addition to going to Al-Aziziya Beach, as well as the coastal city of King Fahd, not to mention the visit of the King Fahd Bridge spanning twenty-five kilometers, continuing Between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain, you can also go to the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Center known as SITIC, which is specialized in science and technology, as well as the Baqir political center.


The city of Al-Khobar includes several neighborhoods that contain buildings built in an engineering design and amazing designs, including Al-Khobar North and also Southern, Al-Bandariyah, and Al-Aqrabiya, in addition to Al-Andalus, Al-Corniche, and many others that are popular in the city, which is a popular destination for visitors to the city.


In this city there are many ancient mosques, huge mosques, in addition to the evening prayers, where the largest of these mosques is the Mosque of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and also the Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Mosque located in the Corniche, and there is the Dossari Mosque located in the bridge neighborhood, and the Light Mosque located in Al-Khobar North neighborhood, and many others.


This city is interested in providing comfort for its visitors, as there are many hotels that provide many services, and among the most famous of these five-star hotels: the Intercontinental Hotel, also the Ramada Al Khobar Hotel, and the Holiday Inn Hotel, in addition to the Coral International Hotel, the Gulf Palace Hotel, and others Many, as for the four-star hotels, there is the Badia Hotel, as well as the Al Bustan Hotel, the Khobar Palace Hotel, and others.

Tourist resorts and chalets

Tourist resorts abound in the city of Al Khobar, which overlooks the Arabian Gulf, and which is concerned with the recreational side of the city visitors. It is necessary to visit the Sunset Beach Resort, and also the La Fontaine Resort, which is known as the Half Moon, and there is also a large resort known as the tourist village of Makarim, and others, in addition to To many chalets located directly on the coasts of the Gulf, such as the chalets of Half Moon Village, as well as Eshraqat Al Majd chalets, Prince Muhammad bin Fahd chalets, and many others.


This city contains a large number of luxury and huge shopping malls, which include a good number of famous markets in Al Khobar, such as Al Rashid Mall, and the Venice Mall complex, in addition to the Friday Center complex, the village of Al Gosaibi, the Automoto complex, Amwaj Mall, etc. .

Gardens and parks

There is no doubt that any city interested in the tourism component must be concerned with the creation of a number of public parks and amazing gardens, which mostly include many games for children, in addition to the different lights of roses that have scenery that fascinates the kernels, such as the Rose Garden located in the Golden Belt neighborhood, and its size is Eight thousand five hundred and sixty-eight square meters, and also there is the Garden of Cordoba located in the Al-Enezi neighborhood, and it is the largest park in Al-Khobar, as its area is eight thousand eight hundred square meters, and there is also a park in the neighborhood of the bridge and an area of ​​approximately two thousand and three hundred square meters and is known as a park Sheikh Ali Al-Abdullah Al-Tamimi, and many others.

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