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The state of Malaysia is an Islamic country located in southeastern Asia, which is a state made up of thirteen states and three regions, and its capital is the city of Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya is the headquarters of the federal government. This country with a population of more than thirty million people is divided into two main parts separated by the South China Sea, the first section is the Malaysian peninsula, and the second section includes East Malaysia.

The country of Malaysia, which is located near the equator, is bordered by Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia, and it is the forty-third country among the countries of the world in terms of population density, and the sixty-sixth in terms of area. And in Malaysia, wonderful tourist places that attract a lot of tourists, we will get to know them in this article.

Tourist places in Malaysia

The capital, Kuala Lumpur

One of the most attractive tourist places in Malaysia, the capital, Kuala Lumpur, and it is one of the important cities that are frequently visited by Arabs. There are many tourist places that you can visit in this city, including:

  • The National Bird Park: It is considered one of the world’s most beautiful bird parks, located in the center of the capital, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Aquarium Museum.
  • Kuala Lumpur Towers: As these twin towers are located in the center of the capital, they were the tallest in the world until two and four years, and they are called Petronas Towers.
  • Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse: This lighthouse is the fourth highest lighthouse in the world, and there is a large restaurant, gift shops, show stands, and others.
  • Malaysian National Museum: This museum was founded in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three AD and it contains a section for history, currencies, culture, music, nature, and others.
  • Islamic museum.
  • Butterflies garden.
  • flowers Garden.
  • Lake Tasik Bardana.

Penang Island

This island is located in the western coast of the state of Malaysia, and it overlooks the Indian Ocean, and is characterized by its great economic activity, as the population of almost two million people, and there are markets and large stores that many tourists visit to enjoy shopping, in addition to a commercial sea port that is commercially active. It also has spice gardens, a national park, and a monkey beach.

Langkawi Island

This island is one of the most important Malaysian islands, and its economic activity is rice cultivation, and it has a large airport. The island of Langkawi is one of the most important islands where there are places for swimming and diving, and also the Virgin Island and the volcanic lake, and it has bird gardens, water parks, a cave for bats, and a suspension bridge, and in the island five-star hotels, such as: Four Seasons, The Westin.


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