Who are the countries of Indochina? They are three countries, they are Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Indochina is located on a region close to eastern India and southern China, specifically in southeast Asia. The French gave this name to this region when they occupied Vietnam and while they were heading to an occuAl Bahahn. The cities, it is a peninsula that brings together the different culture of India and China, and a group of countries such as Thailand, Siam, and Singapore are added to these previous countries, and in the coming lines Arab travelers will give you more on this topic in the next article, follow us.

Who are the Indochina countries

Indo-China countries are countries that were located under French colonialism, and the French called this name, located between China and India, which is a peninsula in Southeast Asia, comprising three countries, namely Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and we review in the following lines the three main countries:

First: Vietnam

  • The country of Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, specifically the easternmost part of the Indochina Peninsula, its capital is Hanoi, and it is one of the most populous countries, with a population of more than 86 million people, its official language is Vietnamese, and its culture is mixed with China, and it has natural areas Attracting tourists, we now move to get to know Laos.

Second: Laos

  • The country of Laos is located in Southeast Asia, bordered on the western side by the People’s Republic of China and Burma and Thailand, and on the south by Cambodia. Among the most prominent features are the Mekong River, which is located in the western borders with Thailand and the Anameti Mountains, in addition to temples and architecture in Prabang Luang and Buddhist culture, Laos also covers forests mountains, which are tourist attractions of the country.

Third: Cambodia

  • It is a country located in Southeast Asia, bordered to the west and northwest by Thailand, to the north by Laos, and to the southeast by Vietnam. Its occuAl Bahahn continued from France from 1863 until it gained independence in 1953, then Cambodian Communists took over in 1979, and it is considered a city of “Phnom Penh” The capital of Cambodia, and it enjoys the textile industry, with a population of 14 million people.

Fourth: Singapore

  • Singapore is one of the countries that can be added to the countries of Indochina, it is a country located in Southeast Asia, it was a colonial country of the British, it gained independence in 1957, linked by the Strait of Joe Hor with Malaysia, which elevated Singapore to reach the fourth place economically, and its population reaches Five million, including multicultural Indians, Chinese and Caucasians. Singapore’s climate is stable throughout the year, with moderate temperatures.

Tourist areas of Indochina

We hear a lot about the splendor and beauty of the tourist areas in Indochina, and we will learn more about them through the following lines:

Tourist areas in Vietnam

  • The Indochina Peninsula has many areas that draw attention to it, so we find it has many picturesque areas, mountains and highlands that decorate the region and give it a splendor and beauty, to make it more attractive to tourists. The Vietnam Women Museum and Huan Qiu Lake are among the most attractive areas Tourists, because they light candles at night on the edge of the lake, and there are many shops, cafes and distinguished hotels overlooking the temples, and Vietnam also enjoys the old university building.
  • And Vietnam distinguishes many regions, such as the Saba region, as it is called the lost paradise, which has a charming view over the mountains and rice fields, and is also unique to the so-called waterfalls of love, which when you reach it you hear the purl of water.

Tourist areas in Laos

  • “Pocoyo”, one of the most attractive places for tourists in Laos, is a natural reserve, which allows the possibility of residing in it to take pictures with animals, as it has many objects that protect it from extinction, such as: buffalo, bears, tigers and lions.
  • We cannot forget the “Nong” area which enjoys mountains and motorbikes in Laos, all the way to the caves, where there is the “Tam Hong Lu” cave, which is located in the national park and is called “Fu Hyun Boon”, which overlooks a river. The “Karst” cave, which contains inside a swimming pool called the “Emerald” bath, in pleasant and attractive colors.

Tourist areas in Cambodia

  • The Kingdom of Cambodia includes many attractive areas, including the red “Ratnakiri” dirt roads. There is also the charming river country “Kampot” and the fresh lake “Tanali Sap”, and the “Bentia Shamar” temple which was built in the forest in the 12th century. It is attested by the wars he fought and the various battles, and there is the temple “Sampur Priy Kok” dedicated to the worship of the Hindu machine in the forest, which was built in the early seventh century.

Tourist areas in Singapore

  • The “Pedestrian Corridor” leading to Sentosa Island is one of the most attractive areas for tourists in Singapore, and it is a path that surrounds it from all sides parks, trees and restaurants, as the lion statue represents the most famous landmark of Singapore, with a height of 35 meters, and lit up at night, as it is located in the square Merlion, a symbol of Singapore, also has a water park in Singapore, which is a gathering of children and families near the Aquarium Museum, which provides a trip for all in the world of the seas.

Indeed, how wonderful the Indian peninsula of China is, to dive into its tourist attractions and get to know it closely, and to realize the authenticity of its history and beliefs that shape its culture.

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