One of the most wonderful natural masterpieces in the Middle East and one of the most wonderful caves in the world, it is the pearl of Lebanese tourism. Tourist: Jeita Grotto – The Pearl of Nature in Lebanon Jamal Rabbani, which has formed over millions of years of the most magnificent masterpieces nature can give, and no human hand in the creativity of this grotting cave with majesty on the foot of a mountain.

It is located 18 km from Beirut and is about 10 km long. It passes under 6 villages. The cave remained an unknown hidden treasure until 1836 when the American Missioner William Thompson discovered it. After that, expeditions continued and opened to the public in 1958, and in 1969, after the completion of a tunnel length of 117 m, it was opened The upper part of the cave.

The cave consists of two layers. The upper is dry with a length of about 2200 m. The visitor wanders to a distance of 700 m, as if in a dream between stalagmites and stalactites! As for the lower cave, where the visitor travels the wonders of splendor in a boat over a page of pure water, traveling between amazing scenery on the impact of drops of water from stalactites. See the photos above

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