The magnificent glacier feeding the bustling Trommelbach waterfalls is hidden inside a mountain in the valley of Tierbrunnen, a majestic waterfall chain consisting of ten waterfalls of underground water which is the largest in Europe and stems from spectacular caves inside beautiful mountains, and can be reached through a leaning, lit mountain tunnel containing stairs It dates back to 1913.

This wonderful Swiss natural miracle is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the journey begins to waterfalls through the tunnel that takes visitors in an elevator or through stairs to the top of the waterfalls, then visitors cross a small tunnel and some illuminated paths to reflect the splendor of the caves that flow from the waterfalls.

The thawing water flowing from the rivers “Eiger”, “Munch” and “Jungfrau” forms a strong heavy torrent that carries 20,000 liters of water per second through the caves. The torrent scatters its way through hard rocks and debris over thousands of years elegantly to paint beautiful paintings on rock formations. The loud tunes of water clash with rocks are clearly heard inside the caves.
The rocky straits that the waterfalls pass through the water are strewn along the course of the rivers to the ten slopes from which the water falls to the basins filled with foam, and then the water is released to continue its flow down the carved rocks to reach the narrow openings of the walls of the scenic valley.

Instead of returning to Waterbrunnen by bus, visitors can stroll around the green meadows and lush farms on both sides of the famous Starbach Falls, and a pebble walkway leads visitors to a platform with stunning views of the waterfalls.

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