Belfry and Halle (Hills and Bell Tower)
It is located in the southern part of the main market square. It is the oldest landmark in Belgium, reaching a length of 83 meters, with 47 bells. One of the finest places in Belgium. The construction of the bell tower began in 1282, and the upper part of it was completed in 1482. In order to reach the top of the tower you need to climb 366 steps on the stairs in order to reach the top and enjoy the wonderful views as well. Inside the tower there is a place like a cinema showing documentary tapes on the past of this city.

Savor Belgian chocolates
If you go to Bruges and do not taste the Belgian chocolate, your trip will be short. As we know that the Belgian chocolate has become an example, so you must taste it, and there are many shops spread in the Zodiac.
One of the most famous shops that make Belgian chocolate in Bruges. The design of the chocolate bars is simple and the box in which the chocolate is placed does not contain many decorations, but its designs are simple and old to suit the historical atmosphere of Bruges “This is what distinguishes this shop” and its delicious and charming taste. This shop makes chocolates in front of you. Most Bruges go to this store to buy chocolate so you can take the chocolate boxes as a gift that you can bring when you come to your country as a gift for your loved one. Spegelaere: 92 Ezelstraat, Bruges (00 32 50 336 052
Also, there are many shops that manufacture chocolate, including:
The Chocolate Kiss, Marie De Bruges, The Chocolate Line, The Old Chocolate House
Groeninge Museum
This museum is located on top of the Dijver water canal, it has the largest historical art collection, this museum deserves to go to and be part of your tourism and see it. You will get an excellent tour between the old Flemish paintings, and the museum also includes a gallery of modern art and an impressive array of old Bruges views. The first five rooms of the museum are most likely to draw your attention because they contain completely exceptional paintings by ancient Flemish masters.
The city of Bruges has many waterways and is part of the North Sea network. The GROENEREI canal or its so-called “green canal”. Located in the city center, it is the most romantic canal in Bruges because it contains the bridge of love that tourists come to on their honeymoon to take pictures. Getting around in this city is essential to do. You tour the boat in this channel, because you will live something amazing. Flowers, old buildings, and old palaces from the 17th century are all wonderful and interesting things that you should live if you visit Bruges. There are many water channels that you can use to explore the city, and THE GROENEREI is the most famous.
The main market square
A large open courtyard surrounded by medieval-style buildings, with horse-drawn carriages, open-air restaurants and tourists who take pictures with their cameras. The square is filled with cafes and restaurants. One of the most famous of these cafes is Craenenburg, the most famous cafe in which tourists go to, where you can sit outside, drink or eat what you want, and see reservations for vehicles. Every Wednesday, people sell food in the yard, fruits and vegetables, and all the good and bad.

Church of Our Lady
It is 122 meters high and is the tallest building in Belgium. Work began on the church in 1230 and there are fortunes of wonderful art treasures such as the image of the Virgin and Child and other historical objects dating back to the 1718 century.

The most prominent hotels in Bruges:
Bruges hotels are very suitable for holidays, tourist trips, honeymoon and for the family also all you have to do is look for a hotel that suits your budget and enjoy your residence.
The Pand Hotel
It was a house in the 18th century and was converted into a hotel. It is a four-star hotel, and it is beautiful to mention that it has not lost anything of its old beauty and charm. Luxurious room and fittings to fit and make visitors comfortable and the dedicated services they provide.
His address:
Pandreitje 16
Tel: +32 50 34 06 66
Dukes ’Palace Hotel
The Dakis Hotel was once a palace called Kempinski. It has been renovated and restored to become a 5-star hotel. It has 93 rooms including 22 historic suites. The hotel combines the fun of the day with the charm of originality.
Prinsenhof 8, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
Grand Hotel Cassel Bergh
It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bruges located in the middle of Bruges, the tourist has distinctive things, including views of the Bruges water channels and excellence in treatment. A 4-star hotel with 118 rooms is very luxurious and provides all the amenities needed.
Title :
Hoogstraat 6, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
Hotel Biskajer
This hotel is suitable for family, it is 2 minutes away from the main market square, it has 17 rooms with great arrangements and arrangements.
Biskajersplein 4
There are many other hotels such as:
De Barge, Oud Huis de Peellaert, Hotel Ter Duinen, Relais Ravestein, Hotel Montanus

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