Sections of Trans Studio Theme Park

1- Central Studio
It is the main part of the city, which includes the amusement park and theater through which you can see the famous stars of the city theater and many exciting electronic games. The theme park includes high-speed train, car games, air wheel, and children’s games, which you can have a good time with friends and family. The central section includes the studio of the fun broadcasting museum, as well as the science section, which contains a number of interesting experiences.

2- The Lost City section
If you are a fan of adventure and challenge, visit the adventure city full of adventures and interesting things. Just prepare yourself for a very exciting journey, it is truly a unique experience. Inside the lost city, you will feel as if you are already taking a trip to the jungle because of the sound and light effects, in addition to the activities that you will undertake, such as climbing mountains, jumping over the river, climbing trees and watching what ancient artists drew on the walls.

3- Magic Corner section
If you are a fan of magic and mystery and their games, you should head to the magic corner that includes a large number of mystery and lightness games, in addition to the Dragon Riders horror train, which takes you on an exciting, fun and terrifying tour also inside this magic corner. The magic corner also includes a place for children where some lightness games that suit their ages are displayed.

4- Trans Studio Store section
And after spending quality time in the park, it’s time to shop. Trans Studio offers one of the largest malls in Bandung. The mall includes a group of shops and stores that sell different types of clothes, bags, masks and other products.

5- Food corner
After enjoying a long and interesting day inside Trans Bandung Studio, you can rest a little and eat and drink one of the restaurants in Trans Studio that offers snacks and drinks.
Ticket prices:
From Mondays to Thursdays 180,000 rupees per person of all ages, even babies.
Friday to Sunday: 200 thousand rupees per person, of all ages, even infants.

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