Zakopane has many ski stations, the most famous being Bialka Tatrasinska with 16 km of ski tracks spread across a series of small valleys in the Alps, where we find a group of beautiful and fun terrain surrounded by wonderful landscapes for the excitement and pleasure of the ski trip.

Experienced winter sports enthusiasts can also find many challenging mountain paths in their souls at the Kasbury Wearsh Resort, which has stunning views of the city. Gopaluca Resort can be reached on a short train ride from the city center. This beautiful resort has a European market for shopping lovers, as well as fun ski tracks.
Life is characterized throughout the city in spite of the cold weather, and there are many thermal spas with mineral water both in Bialka Tatrasanska and Terma Bokwena for those looking for a cure in the snow, and it is suitable for families since it is close to snowy gardens and stunning skiing tracks intended for children.

Zakopane also features highlander houses that are made of logs, and the Koscieliska Museum takes one of the forms of these wonderful buildings and displays a wide range of Polish heritage such as traditional clothes, lifestyles and ancient architecture, and the Tatra Museum has many artifacts and art that reflect the country’s ancient history.
The city of “Zakopane” occupies a vital and distinctive place south of Krakow, and tourists are always keen to visit it to enjoy the practice of “ice skating” as it is the best place to practice these tourist activities in Poland.
The city is called “the skiing capital”, thanks to its privileged location above the “hills” which we find during the winter season completely covered with snow.

“Mount Gionet” .. one of the most important places of tourism in Zakopane, Poland

Mount Gionet has been very popular, and provides you with a charming view of the rest of the city’s attractions, and the mountain is characterized by its high altitude that reaches 200 meters, and there is a hobby of ice skating. You can find the mountain “Kasperswerich”, near the “Giont” mountain, It is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Zakopane.

Places worth visiting in Zakopane, Poland

The city of Zakopane has a unique collection of “waterfalls” which overlook a charming landscape, and near it you find a number of lakes, and you also cannot go to the “sparkling lake”, which is one of the best tourist places in Zakopane.
We advise you to take the most beautiful cruise on board the boats located in Lake “Moorsky Oko”, and near them you find many paths and paths located in the mountains, and provide you with a feeling of relaxation and luxury.

Don’t miss the “summer festivals” when traveling to Zakopane, Poland

The city is known for including more places of entertainment in Poland, and Zakopane is characterized by hosting a large number of festivals, especially in the summer, and there you enjoy watching art shows, and you can attend art galleries, and through it you get to know the culture and history of the people in Poland.

In Zakopane, you can find historical houses and antique buildings, and tourists are keen to visit them when traveling to Poland. The city buildings are characterized by simple and beautiful designs of wood, and they are also decorated with antique engravings and decorations, and you can not miss taking pictures of you there.

In are on a date with a delicious traditional meal ..

The city of Zakopane is characterized by the inclusion of a large number of distinctive restaurants, which offer traditional and other international cuisine, and we advise you to try the “Osebek” meal, which is one of the main meals in the city, and “Osbek” consists of milk and a mountain cheese is added to give the meal a distinctive taste.
Restaurants in Zakopane are also famous for providing beautifully decorated and decorated pastries, which you can get from small carts scattered in the streets of Zakopane. You can also get the finest fresh cheese from the wooden huts located in the fields below the Polish Zakopane Mountains.

“Karboky Street” is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Zakopane, Poland

It is one of the most prominent tourist places in the city, and it is a distinct marketing interface, and it includes many shops, which provide you with all the goods and raw materials at reasonable prices.
And the street “Karbuki” includes a large number of cafes that provide you with your favorite drink. There are also ancient buildings, which are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.
You can also do the most beautiful inspection tour among the best tourist attractions in Zakopane, through the distinctive horse carts there.

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